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  6.The morning I got my passport and exit visa I realized I had less than twenty-four hours to figure out a way of getting my Berlin diaries out.


  figure out:to think about a problem or solution until you find the answer or understand what has happened 想出办法,计算出

  eg:Can you figure out how to start this machine? 


  eg:It took me hours to figure those algebra problems out.


  7.Suddenly,later that morning,the solution became clear.I suddenly thought of a way to solve the problem later that morning./ I suddenly figured out a way to solve the problem later that morning.


  Solution:the way to solve a problem解决办法

  8.It was risky,but life in the Third Reich had always been risky.It was worth a try.—— It was very dangerous,but life in Nazi Germany was full of risks.It was worth trying.

  这个办法要冒很大的风险,risky冒风险的 risk (doing) 冒风险

  eg:He risked getting arrested gathering the materials. 


  be worth (doing) sth值得

  eg:The story is worth reading.这个故事值得一读。

  eg:The film is worth seeing.这部电影值得一看。

  9.I laid outthe diaries in two big steel suitcases I had bought.

  lay sth.out:spread sth.out把……摊开/放下

  eg:Lay out the map on the desk and let's find the location of the town.


  eg:He laid out the knives and forks on the table.  


  10.Over them I placed a number of my broadcast scripts,each page of which had been stamped by the military and civilian censors as passed for broadcast.在日记的上面我放了一些广播稿,这些广播稿的每一页都盖有军方和文职新闻检查官的印章以示予以通过,可以广播。

  which had been……是定语从句,修饰a number of my broadcast scripts.

  as passed for broadcast 作主语 each of which的补足语。


  eg:The censors stamped the scripts as passed for broadcast. 


  eg:The president signed his application for retirement as approved.校长在他的申请书上签了批准他退休。

  eg:His application for retirement was signed by the president as approved.他的退休申请书校长签字予以批准。

  as 后面可跟名词、形容词、分词等。

  11.On top I put a few General Staff maps I had picked up from friends.在最上面我放了几张多从朋友那里搞到的总参谋部使用的地图。

  pick up:得到,弄到;买到,

  eg:——Where did you pick up that nice little mobile phone of yours?你从哪里买到你那个漂亮的小手机?

  eg:——It goes with my job.我工作单位发的。

  eg:Mr.Jones picked up a few valuable stamps in that small shop.琼斯先生在那个小店里买到几张很有价值的邮票。

  eg:Cf.pick sb.up 接某人,让某人搭车

  eg:So we were in our twenty-first night adrift-the night in which the tramp Croton finally picked us up.


  12.there would be no time for Gestapo officials at the airfield to go over the contents.机场的盖世太保不会有时间检查箱子里装的东西。

  go over:检查,复习

  eg:You must go over your paper carefully before handing in it.在交试卷前要认真检查一下。

  13.I had a couple of suitcases full of my dispatches……

  full of充满……,满… The room is full of smoke.

  dispatch:a report sent to a newspaper from one of its writers who is in anothertown or country,

  n.报道,急件,快信 v.派遣,派出

  eg:This is a dispatch from our West African correspondent.这是我们西非的记者发来的报道。

  eg:The UN dispatched a peace-keeping force to the African country.联合国向这个非洲国家派遣了一支维和部队。

  14.Could they take a look now,if I brought them over;and they approved,put a Gestapo seal on the suitcase so I wouldn be held upat the airport?我要是现在拿过去他们能否检查一下?如果他们觉得没 有问题,能否在箱子上打上盖世太保的印章,以免我在机场耽搁?(这是两个特殊的间接疑问句,用的是疑问句 的语序,但没有引号。这种叙事方法简练、生动,在文学作品中常见。)they approved前省略了if,put前省略了Could they,so引出目的状语

  hold up:使延误,阻止

  15.Wasn't I tempting fate:how could these hard-nosed Nazi detectives help but smell out the diaries beneath my broadcasts?—— I was doing something very dangerous.Perhaps those very strict Nazi detectives would sense something and dig/inspect deeper.Then they would definitely find my diaries beneath the broadcasts.我这不是在拿性命开玩笑吗?(作者打完电话又开始犹疑起来。)那些精明的纳粹侦探怎么可能不嗅出广播稿下 面的日记呢?(他们只要往下一翻,还能看不到我的日记吗?)

  tempt fate/ providence:take a risk冒险,玩命

  eg:The bike brakes don't work.If you ride downhill,you'll be tempting fate.



  (1)can't help but do sth.:不可避免会做……;忍不住做……

  eg:He can't help but reject the offer if there are strings attached.如果有附带条件,他不可能不回绝。

  eg:We couldn't help but laugh when we heard his story.听了他的故事,我们忍不住大笑起来。

  (2)smell sth./ sb.out:嗅出,(口语)探出,

  eg:The dog smelt out drugs in the suitcase.那狗闻出了箱子里的毒品。

  eg:The legendary detective is said to be able to smell out murderers.据说那个传奇式的侦探能嗅出杀人犯。