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  两份报纸 two copies of newspaper

  一块肥皂 a bar of soap

  一件家具 a piece of furniture

  一把剪刀 a pair of scissors

  丢弃 throw away

  陷入困境 get into trouble

  工业产品 industrial goods

  农产品 agriculture goods

  一辈子一次性的收获 a one-in-a-lifetime acquisition

  没有出路的工作 a dead-end job

  付一大笔钱 pay good money

  过时 be out of fashion

  流行 be in the fashion

  批量生产 mass-production

  降低成本 lower the cost

  在起作用 be at work

  物美价廉的产品 better quality products at good values

  所得税 income tax

  投放市场 put on the market

  小批量 in limited quantities

  大量地 in large quantities

  要求 ask for

  下降 go down

  从商go into business

  努力做某事 strive to do sth.

  医疗设备 medical device

  劣质产品 inferior products

  一条面包 a loaf of bread

  温和宽容的 easy- going

  人造丝 artificial silk

  假牙 artificial teeth

  对…有害 be harmful to

  警惕 be on guard

  认为某事当然 take sth for granted

  由…组成 be composed of

  一个中年妇女 a middle-aged women

  一些性格开朗的女孩 an open-minded girl

  一个意志软弱的人 a weak-minded man

  一个意志坚强的人 a strong-minded soldier

  遭受 suffer from

  由于压力 as a result of stress

  警告信号 warning signals

  交通阻塞 traffic jam

  指出 point out

  逃离 run away from

  自杀 commit suicide

  从事摄影 take up photography

  高度工业化国家 a highly industrialized country

  工业生产 industrial production

  制成品 manufactured goods

  领先 take over the lead

  失去领先地位 lose one‘s lead

  赤字 in the red

  就…而言 as far as … is concerned

  易手 change hands

  赚钱 earn money

  金融中心 a financial centre

  贸易中心 a commercial centre

  国际贸易 international trade

  外贸 foreign trade

  商船船队 a merchant fleet

  巨额金钱 vast sums of money

  一大笔钱 a large sum of money

  对付,处理 deal with

  有形贸易 visible trade

  无形贸易 invisible trade

  贸易差额 trade gap

  失血 loss of blood

  高度机械化的工厂 highly mechanized factory

  产品统一条形码 universal product code

  黑白相间的条纹 zebra stripes (or black and white stripes)

  斑马线 zebra crossing

  油炸土豆片 potato chips

  炸薯条 French fries

  黑白电视机 black and white televisions

  墨画 black and white

  身上青一块紫一块 be black and blue

  光学扫描器 an optical scanner

  激光束 laser beam

  目的是 be designed to

  消灭,消除 do away with

  付账后离开 check out

  到达登记 check in

  现金出纳机 cash register

  在左边 on the left side

  收款台 check out counter

  原材料 raw materials

  制成品 manufactured goods

  近在手边 at hand

  衣夹 clothes-peg

  晒衣绳 clothes-line

  桌布 a tablecloth

  洗碗布 a dishcloth

  洗碗机 a dishwasher

  原始人 primitive people

  现代人 modern people

  穿着 be dressed in

  从…上刮去 scrape…from

  把…纺成… spin…into…


  4000万年前 over four thousand years ago

  在远古时 in the time immemorial

  富人和穷人一样 the rich and the poor alike

  想到 think of

  剪去 cut off

  讲故事 spin a yarn

  保守秘密 keep a secret

  直接税 direct taxes

  间接税 indirect taxes

  收入所得税 income taxes

  纳税人 taxpayer

  税务员 tax-collector

  免税的 tax-free

  国税 state taxes

  地方税 local taxes

  穷人 the poor

  富人 the rich

  年轻人 the young

  老年人the old

  高达 as high as

  以…形势 in the form of

  政府机关 government offices

  凭借 by means of

  在某个星期一的早晨 on a Monday morning

  在星期一的早晨 on Monday morning

  乘火车 take train

  乘公共汽车 take bus

  布莱克一家 the Blacks

  向某人道别 say goodbye to sb.

  向某人道歉 say sorry to sb.

  每隔几分钟 every few minutes

  每隔一天 every other day

  每隔一行 every other line

  不久以后 shortly afterwards

  通向 lead to

  抓牢 hold on to

  一打鸡蛋 a dozen eggs

  在阳光下 in the sun

  注意 pay attention to

  继续作某事 keep (on) doting

  好像 as if

  自信 self-confidence

  自信的 self-confident

  自大的 self-important

  自助的 self-service

  自给自足的 self-sufficient

  自学的 self-taught

  一般的 in general

  确信 be sure of

  习惯于 become accustomed to

  抱怨 complain about

  说实话 tell the truth

  说谎 tell a lie

  适用于 apply to

  处理 deal with

  依赖于 depend on

  必修课 a required course

  同…相处 get along with

  考虑 think about

  日复一日 from day to day

  从始自终 from beginning to end

  每况愈下 from bad to worse

  减速 slow down

  在使用中 in use

  不再使用 out of use

  免费入场 admission free

  免所得税 free of income tax

  免费获得某物get sth. free

  再步行一段路即可到达的距离之内 within walking distance

  探知,查明 find out

  得到以下结论 come to the conclusion that

  得出结论 draw a conclusion

  交通高峰时间 rush hours

  交通拥挤 traffic jams

  援助计划 aid program

  视觉教具 visual aids

  助听器 hearing-aid

  捏粘土 work clay

  揉面团 work dough

  一定数量的 a certain amount of

  大量地 in large amounts

  小额地 in small amounts

  优于 be superior to

  劣于 be inferior to

  把…与…相混合 mix…with…

  把…与…分开 separate…from

  把…分成 separate…into

  用尽 use up

  表现了…的特点 be characteristic of

  究竟,到底 on earth

  五大湖区 the Grate Lakes region

  通知某人某事 inform sb of sth.

  利用 take advantage of

  准备某事 be ready to do sth.

  很容易拿到 within easy reach

  够不到 out of reach

  想出,熟思 think out

  吸引…的注意 get the attention of

  食品杂货店 grocery store

  为…竞争 compete for

  干得好 do a good job

  记在心里 remain in one‘s mind

  收款台 checkout counter

  国营公司 state-owned company

  合资公司 joint ventures

  白雪覆盖的山顶 snow-covered peak

  糖衣药丸 sugar-coated pills

  营业时间 business hors

  因公 on business

  开始谈正事 get down to business

  激烈的竞争 strong competition

  通货膨胀 inflation

  顺差 surplus

  城市商业区 downtown business district

  保险业 insurance

  不断的 never-ending

  受限于 be limited by

  被认为是 be perceived as

  把…局限于 confine…to

  为了一切有实用价值的目的 for all practical purposes

  能够做 in the position to do

  使…变成 turn…to

  对…有影响 have an effect on

  总纲 general principles

  以…为目的 be aimed at

  与…相关的 relate to

  与…联系在一起 associate with

  太阳能 solar power

  受…的控制 be subjected to

  引入 lead up

  通讯系统 communication system

  能源危机 an energy crisis

  财政危机 a financial crisis

  业余画家 an amateur painter

  业余摄影家 an amateur photographer

  道德的基础 the basis of morality

  柱基 the base of a pillar

  自然现象 the phenomena of nature

  故意的 on purpose

  商业银行 a commercial bank

  金融机构 a financial institution

  金融中心 a financial centre

  财政困难 in financial difficulties

  与生俱来的特权 the privileges of birth

  活期存款账户 checking accounts

  定期存款账户 savings accounts

  州政府 the state government

  联邦政府 the federal government

  答应一项帮助 grant a favor

  答应一项请求 grant a request

  发给银行执照 grant a charter to the bank

  一定量的资产 a specified volume of assets

  遵循一定的常规 follow certain practices

  隶属于州的银行 state banks

  国家银行 national banks

  活期存款 demand deposits

  与…相结合 couple with

  部分准备制的原理 the fractional reserve principle

  在任何一次 at any one time

  可用,握有 on hand

  公债 government loans

  内债 domestic loans

  外债 foreign loans

  可能的买主 a prospective buyer

  增加了 increase by

  增加到 increase to

  被看作 be counted as

  防备取款 a precaution against withdrawals

  追溯到 trace to

  法定最低储备金 the required reserve

  额外储备金 excess reserves

  就…意义而言 in the sense

  在某种意义上 in a sense

  自由港 free port

  外贸保税区 foreign-trade zones

  经济特区 special economic zones

  从事于政治 engage in politics

  忙着工作 be engage in business

  与某人订婚 be engage to sb.

  普通港口 a regular port

  中东 the Middle East

  远东 the Far East

  近东 the Near East

  关税壁垒 tariff barriers

  起作用,生效 in operation

  为…付关税 pay a tariff on…

  索价,要价 charge…for

  原材料 raw material

  制成品 manufactured products

  码头工人 dock workers

  造船厂,修船所 dockyard

  内河航行 inland navigation

  国内工业 home industries

  国内产品 home products

  国内贸易 the home trade

  国内市场 the home market

  美国国会 the United States Congress

  外贸保税区法 the Foreign Trade Zones Act

  (英国)议院的法案 An Act of Parliament

  (美国)国会的法案 The Acts of congress

  外贸保税区管理委员会 the Foreign Trade Zone Board

  董事会 the Board of Directors

  国际商务局 the Bureau of International Commerce

  天津商检局 Tianjin Commodity Inspection Bureau

  美国商业部United States Department of Commerce

  市场经济 market economy

  计划经济 planned economy

  决定性的测验 the crucial test

  决定性的问题 the crucial question

  在重要的关头 at the crucial moment

  以分散的方式 in a decentralized fashion

  市场价格机制 a price-and-market mechanism

  技术工 skilled labor

  劳工与雇主之间的关系 labor relations

  工党 the Labor Party

  纯粹的形式 a pure form

  英国工业革命 the English Industrial Revolution

  法国大革命 The French Revolution

  普遍地 at large

  倾向于做某事 be inclined to do sth.

  全社会 society at large

  有…倾向的 be subject to

  由…产生的 stem from

  实质上,根本上 in effect

  供求机制 the supply and demand mechanism

  完全承袭…传统 in the full tradition of

  对于…感到悲观 be pessimistic about

  对于…感到乐观 be optimistic about

  指出 point out

  个人利益private interest

  社会利益 society interest

  支持某人on sb‘s side

  获胜,击败 triumph over

  高度计划的社会主义经济 highly planned socialist economies

  用这样或那样的方式 in one way or another

  介入 step in

  决不 by no means

  当然,必定 by all means

  就…而言 as far as…is concerned

  比较利益 comparative advantage

  把…从…解放出来 free…from

  使…束缚于 bind…to…

  生产过程 production processes

  比较利益原则 the law of comparative advantage

  指…而言 refer to

  把…比作为 compare to

  适用于 be applicable to

  使适应,使适合 be geared to/toward

  为某事给某人报酬或奖赏 reward sb for sth

  把…应用于,使用于 apply…to…

  归类程序 sorting process

  彼此 one another

  相比之下 by contrast

  卷入 involve in

  完完全全的自由贸易 perfectly free commerce

  致力于 devote…to

  对…有益处的 be beneficial to

  整个社会的普遍利益 the universal good of the whole

  独特的力量 the peculiar powers

  大批量生产 mass production

  总的生产规模 the general mass of productions

  总收益 general benefit

  商业往来 commercial intercourse

  文明世界 the civilized world

  把…用于… employ…in

  不得不做某事 be obliged to do sth.

  在…方面低劣 inferior in

  在…方面优越 superior in

  交换 in exchange for

  对…有利 be advantageous for

  使…从…转移到 divert…from…to

  标准化集装箱 standardized containers

  集装箱运输container transport

  陆运 overland transportation

  海运 sea transportation

  空运 air transportation

  水运 water transportation

  管道运输 pipeline transportation

  联运 combined transport

  承运人 carrier

  托运人 consignor

  收货人 consignee

  铁路运单 consignment note

  空运单 air waybill

  租船合同 charter party

  提单 bill of lading

  订舱单 booking note

  重新占领市场 regain market share

  背负式运输服务 piggy-back service

  从…方面来讲 in terms of

  专门从事 specialize in

  与…结合 merge with

  失效,崩溃 break down

  存货占用成本 inventory carrying costs

  短途送货short-distance distribution

  长途送货long distance distribution

  汽车装运的货物 trucked goods

  空运货物 air freight

  基础设施 infrastructure

  广告媒介 advertising media

  天天,逐日 from day to day

  并肩地,相互支持地 side by side

  说出,(尤指无意间)吐露 throw out

  吐露秘密 throw out a secret

  有吸引力,引起兴趣 appeal to

  目标观众 target audiences

  有线电视 cable television

  有线电视广告收入 cable ad revenues

  使遭受,面对 be exposed to

  抛却,扔掉 throw away

  旧货商 a junk dealer

  预付费用 the advance cost

  成本效益 cost effectiveness

  被分为 be segmented into

  (广播中的)答问节目 talk shows

  解释,说明 account for

  使(某人)信服 convince…of…

  相当提前 well in advance

  有…倾向的 be subject to

  有很高的重复接触率 high repeat exposure

  保险 insurance

  保险额 insurance value

  保险公司 insurance company

  保险范围 insurance coverage

  保险费 insurance premium

  作为对…的报答 in return for

  防御 protect against

  不愿意做某事 be unwilling to do

  经商,经营 in business

  因公有事 on business

  赚钱 make a profit

  收入,接受,吸收 take in

  付钱(如福清费用)pay out

  投保人 policyholder

  保险单 policy

  建于…之上 be based on

  索价,要价 charge for

  毛利 gross profit

  净利 net profit

  国民生产总值 gross national product

  统计学原理 a statistical principle

  大数定律 law of larger numbers

  随…变动 vary with

  在相反的情形下 in the opposite situation

  使恢复 bring sb back to

  在…之前 prior to

  为此目的 toward this end

  由于…而发生 result from

  导致 result in

  故意行为 an intentional act

  放火纵火 set fire to sth

  在欺诈的情况下 in cases of fraud

  有助于,促成 contribute to

  重置费用 replacement cost

  资本支出 capital expenditure

  资本货物 capital goods

  固定资本 fixed capital

  流动资本 floating capital

  资本积累 accumulation of capital

  原始资本积累 primitive accumulation of capital

  把…用于 employ…in…

  以同样的方式 in the same manner

  有几分,有点儿 in a manner

  补偿贸易 compensation trade

  在和平时期 in time of peace

  在战争时期 in time of war

  足够的 a sufficiency of sth

  迫使某人做某事 oblige sb to do sth

  侵占,侵害 encroach upon/on

  预定,命中注定 be destined for

  由…所造成的 be occasioned by

  在大多数情况下 upon most occasions

  在那个时机 on that occasion

  曾经,有一次 on one occasion

  很少,不常 on rare occasions

  足以 be sufficient to

  从…而产生出来的 be derived from

  使恢复 restore to

  投资需求 investment demand

  投资规模 investment scale

  消费者需求 consumer demand

  国民收入 national income

  指出 point out

  在…方面起着关键作用 be pivotal in

  设身处地 put oneself in the place of

  可能作某事 be likely to do

  许多 a host of

  对某事加以考虑 take sth into account

  对某事不予考虑 leave sth out of account

  在开始时 at the outset

  从开始时 from the outset

  政府的年限 the life of a government

  企业预测 business expectations

  决定性的因素 a crucial factor

  在重要的关头 at the crucial moment

  在…方面 in terms of

  在人力方面 in terms of manpower

  在理论上 in terms of theory

  投资于 invest in

  以…代替… replace…with…

  创新进步innovational advances

  大波动 major fluctuations

  领导,带头 take the lead

  成群,大批 in a swarm

  一大群蚂蚁 a swarm of ants

  生产资料 means of production

  大量购买 buy in bulk

  参考书 reference book

  面对…困难 come up against

  利息率,利率 the interest rate

  货币市场 money market

  企业投资支出 business investment expenditure

  不愿做某事 be reluctant to do

  和…联系在一起 be associated with

  与…有关系 be related to

  归因于 ascribe to

  规模经济 economies of scale

  以空前的速度 at an unprecedented rate

  换句话说 to put it in somewhat different words

  成功地做成某事 succeed in doing sth

  压出,榨取 squeeze…out of

  每一单位投入 every unit of input

  多于,超过 in excess of

  过渡 to excess

  在非常有利的条件下 under extremely favorable conditions

  优于,胜过 be superior to

  劣于,次于 be inferior to

  在春末 in late spring

  企图做某事,尝试做某事 attempt at doing sth

  攻击,袭击attempt on

  拆开,拆散 take sth apart

  国民生产总值 Gross National Product (GNP)

  生产性投资 productive investment

  与…并驾齐驱 keep pace with

  由于…的原因owing to

  因…值得受到称赞 deserve credit for

  与…对照,与…对比 as opposed to

  外汇分配 foreign exchange allocations

  停止 leave off

  可自由支配的收入 disposable income

  对…负责 be responsible for

  准备,筹备 provide for

  到现在为止 as yet

  弥补 make up for

  政府支出 government expenditures

  消费支出consumption expenditures

  时间滞差 a time lag

  总计,合计 in the aggregate

  集中精力于 concentrate on

  与…有很大关系 have a lot to do with

  与…无关系 have nothing to do with

  逐渐获得,逐渐建立 built up

  免税 tax exemptions

  技术,技能 know-how

  擦去 wipe away

  辨别,区别 distinguish one thing from another

  建于…之上 be based on/upon

  独有的特权exclusive privileges

  独家代理权 exclusive agency

  商标 trademark

  商品名称 trade name

  同类卖价,批发价格 trade price

  关于 with respect to

  不管,不顾虑 without respect to

  公平交易 fair dealing

  使…与…相关联 attach…to…

  就…之限度,在…范围内 so far as

  无形因素 intangible factors

  无形资产 intangible assets

  对某事加以考虑 take sth into account

  大约,多少有一点 more or less

  广泛的兴趣 a wide range of interest

  相当独特 fairly individual

  显著,杰出 stand out

  反之亦然 vice versa

  垄断性竞争 monopolistic competition

  常常 more often than not

  纯粹的垄断 pure monopoly

  纯粹的竞争 pure competition

  纯粹浪费时间 a pure waste of time

  至于 as for

  需求曲线 demand curve

  概言之,一般说来 in general

  阻止某人做某事 preclude sb from doing sth

  排除所有误解 preclude all misunderstanding

  需求计划 demand schedule

  与…竞争 in competition with

  不完全竞争市场 imperfectly competitive market

  与…配对 be paired with

  以任意的形势 in random fashion

  与…合并 be merged with

  有几分,稍稍 in some measure

  把…至于显著地位 bring into the foreground

  产生 arise from

  部分独立 partial independence

  经济学文献 economic literature

  给…以其应有分量 give due weight to

  集中精力于 focus attention on

  观点 point of view

  与…不协调 out of harmony with

  与…协调 in harmony with

  经济增长的代价the cost of economic growth

  不惜任何代价,无论如何 at all costs

  丧失,牺牲 at the cost of

  势如破竹的胜利 an overwhelming victory

  极度的悲哀 overwhelming sorrow

  绝大部分公民 the overwhelming number of its citizens

  渴望,向往 yearn for

  继续,连续 a continuation of

  为…奋斗 struggle for

  心醉于,被迷倒 be charmed with

  踩,践踏 tread on sth

  踩在某人的脚趾上 tread on sb‘s toes

  相互追逐 tread on each other‘s heels

  得意洋洋 tread on air

  与某人祸福与共 cast in one‘s lot with sb

  决不是,绝对不 anything but

  盼望,期待 look forward to

  结果,因此 in consequence

  富裕繁荣的社会 the affluent society

  在富裕的环境中 in affluent circumstances

  对…满意 be content with

  丰富的饮食 food and drink in abundance

  过着丰衣足食的生活 live in abundance

  依次,轮流 in turn

  赶上琼斯家 keep up with the Joneses

  赶上,不落后 Keep up with sb/sth

  继续作某事 deep on doing sth

  更富有,跟舒服 be better off

  生产商诱导而产生的需要 producer-induced demand

  成为…之一部分 enter into sth

  自然增长或产生 accrue from sth

  英国的工业革命 the English Industrial Revolution

  传统的生活方式 traditional pattern of life

  仅仅,只不过 nothing but

  等于 amount to

  不是,而是 not…but…

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