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  I Multiple Choice ( 40 points in all , 1 for each )

  1. The Renaissance is actually a movement stimulated by a series of historical events , such as the rediscovery of ancient _____ and ______ culture , the new discoveries in geography and astrology , the religious reformation and teh economic expansion .

  A. Chinese / Indian

  B. Hebrew / Egyptian

  C. Roman / Greek

  D. Britain / American

  2. Geoffrey Chaucer develops his characterization to a higher artistic level by presenting characters with both typical qualities and _____ dispositions .

  A. individual

  B. collective

  C. social

  D. natural

  3. William Shakespeare's history plays are mainly written under the _____ that national unity under a mighty and just sovereigh is a ______ .

  A. fact / possibility

  B. story / probability

  C. principle / necessity

  D. reality / truth

  4. The _____ was a progressive intellectual movement throughout western Europe in the 18th century .

  A. Renaissance

  B. Enlightenment

  C. Religious

  D. Chartist Movement

  5. The two collections of poems written by William Blake , ______ and ____________ , hold the similar subject-matter , but the tone , emphasis and conclusion differ .

  A. Songs of Innocence / Songs of Experience

  B. Poetical Sketches / Songs of Innocence

  C. Poetical Sketches / Marriage of Heaven and Hell

  D. Songs fo Innocenced / Songs of Experienced

  6. As a leading Romanticist , George Gordon Byron's chief contribution is his creation of the “____” hero , a proud , mysterious rebel figure , of noble origin .

  A. Byronic

  B. Romantic

  C. Oriented

  D. Optimistic

  7. The ________ are generally regarded as John Keats' most important and natural works .

  A. epics

  B. lyrics

  C. odes

  D. poetry

  8. John Keats ' Ode to a Nightingale expresses the contrast between the happy world of ____ loveliness and human of agony .

  A. fairy

  B. natural

  C. pastoral

  D. optimistic

  9. The novel Jane Eyre mainly tells a story about the love affair of Jane Eyre and Mr. _____.

  A. Rochester

  B. Bumble

  C. Linton

  D. Hindley

  10. The story of Wuthering Heights is told mainly by Nelly , _______ s' old nurse , to Mr. Lockwood , a temporary tenant at Grange . The latter gives an account of what he sees at wuthering Heights .

  A. Heathcliff

  B. Catherine

  C. Hindley

  D. Jane Eyre

  11. The theme of the novel The Man of Property is that of the predominant _______ instinct of the Forsytes and its effects upon the personal relationships of the family with the underlying assumption that human relationships of the contemporary English society are merely an extension of property relationships .

  A. sexual

  B. human

  C. possessive

  D. cruel

  12. The Waste Land is a poem concerned with the spiritual _____ of a modern civilization in human life which has lost its meaning , significance and purpose .

  A. breakup

  B. conform

  C. happiness

  D. disappointment

  13. Ulysses , James Joyce's masterpiece , gives an account of man's life during one day (16 June , 1904 ) in Dublin , The whole novel is divided into 18 episodes in correspondence with the ____ hours of the day.

  A. 24

  B. 20

  C. 12

  D. 18

  14. The three major characters in Ulysses are ______ , an Irish Jew , his wife , Marion Tweedy Bloom .

  A. Leopold Bloom

  B. Stephen Dedalus

  C. Paul Morel

  D. Afred Prufrock

  15. As a philosophical and literary movement , _______ flourished in New England from the 1830s to the Civil War .

  A. modernism

  B. rationalism

  C. sentimenetalism

  D. transcendentalism

  16. Transcendentalist doctrines found their greatest literary advocate in ______and Thoreau .

  A. Jefferson

  B. Emerson

  C. Freneau

  D. Oversoul

  17. Mark Twain created , in _______ , a masterpiece of American realism that is also one of the great books of world literature .

  A. Huckleberry Finn

  B. Tom Sawyer

  C. Moby Dick

  D. The Gilded Age

  18. American literature produced only one female poet during the nineteeth century . This was ________ .

  A. Anne Bradsteet

  B. Jane Austen

  C. Emily Dickinson

  D. Harriet Beecher

  19 . In the 1920s decade , O' Neil established an international reputation with such plays as ________ .

  A. The Emperor Jones

  B. Ann Christle

  C. The Hairy Ape

  D. All of the above

  20 . The American Social upheavals and the literary concerns of the Great Depression years ended with the prosperity and turmoil brought by the “_____” .

  A. First World War

  B. Second world War

  C. Civil War

  D. War of Independence

  21. The period of ______ literature extends from about 450 to 1066, the year of the Norman Conquest of England .

  A. the old English

  B. the Middle English

  C. the modern English

  D. Queen Victoria

  22. The neoclassical period in English literature refers to the one between the return of the Stuarts to the English throne in 1660 and the full assertion of ________ which came with the publication of Lyrical Ballads by Wordsworth and Coleridge in 1798 .

  A. realism

  B. humanism

  C. romanticism

  D. neoclassism

  23. On the whole , _______ 's poetry is one of experiencess . His heroes are more or less surrogates of himself . Childe Harold 's Pilgrimage is such an example .

  A. William Blake

  B. William Wordsworth

  C. George Gordon Byron

  D. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  24. Chronologically the Victorian period roughly coincides with the reign of _______ who ruled over England from 1836 to 1901 .

  A. Queen Victoria

  B. Queen Elizabeth I

  C. King Henry VIII

  D. King Edward VI

  25. Modernism is , in any aspects , a reaction against _______. It rejects rationalism , which is the theoretical base of realism .

  A. romanticism

  B. humanism

  C. sybolism

  D. realism

  26. In 1948 , T.S. Eliot's book ___________ won the prize for Literature .

  A. The Sketch Book

  B. The Faerie Queen

  C. The Waste Land

  D. Four Quartets

  27. In early nineteenth century , Washington Irving wrote ______ which became the first work by an American writer to earn an interantional reputation .

  A. Nature

  B. The Sketch Book

  C. The Scalet Letter

  D. Leaves of Grass

  28. The Aemrican Transcendalists formed a club called “____________” .

  A. the Transcendental Club

  B. the Sentimental Club

  C. the Romantic Club

  D. the Symbolic Club

  29. Samuel Lanhorne Clemens is better known by the pen name ______ .

  A. Theodore Dreiser

  B. Heman Melville

  C. Esene O'Neil

  D. Mark Twain

  30. After Apple-Picking is a well-known poem written by ______ .

  A. Robert Lee Frost

  B. Ezra Pound

  C. Walt Whitman

  D. T.S. Eliot

  31. Generally the Renaissance refers to the period between the 14th and mid-17th centuries . It first started in Italy , with the flowering of painting , sculpture and literature . From _______ the movement went to embrace the rest of Europe .

  A. Germany

  B. Greek

  C. Britain

  D. Italy

  32. Milton's Paradise Lost took its material from _______ .

  A. the Bible

  B. Greek myth

  C. Roman myth

  D. French romance

  33. By the middle of Elizabeth's reign in England , Protestantism has been firmly established , with a certain extent of compromise between Gatholicism and _______ .

  A. Protestantism

  B. Neoclassicism

  C. Transcentalism

  D. Imagism

  34. Richard Brinsley sheridan was the only important English dramatist of the _______ century .

  A. seventeenth

  B. eighteenth

  C. nineteenth

  D. twentieth

  35. __________ is Byron's masterpiece, a great comic epic of the early 18th century .

  A. Childe Harold's Pilgrimage

  B. Cain

  C. Don Juan

  D. Songs of the Luddites

  36. _________ represents those middle-class working women who are struggling for recognition of their basic rights and equality as a human being .

  A. Pride and Prejudice

  B. Jane Eyre

  C. Wuthering Heights

  D. Oliver Twist

  37. Tennyson's Break , Break ,Break contains four quatrains , with combined iambic and anapaestic feet . Most line have three feet and some four . The rhyme scheme is ______ .

  A. a b c d

  B. a b a b

  C. a a b b

  D. a b c a

  38. On the whole , Browning 's style is _______ that of any other Victorian poets .

  A. different with

  B. same as

  C. good as

  D. strange as

  39. ________ and other Transcendentalists believed that there should be an emotional communication between an individual soul and the universal “ oversoul ” .

  A. Hawthorne

  B. Melville

  C. Whitman

  D. Emerson

  40. _____________ tells a simple but very moving story in which four people living in a Puritan community are involved in and affected by the sin of adultery in different ways .

  A. Young Goodman Brown

  B. Moby Dick

  C. The Scarlet Letter

  D. Daisy Miller


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