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  1. The Renaissance , in essence , is a historical period in which the European ____ thinkers and scholars made attempts to get rid of those old feudalist ideas in medieval Europe , to introduce new ideas that expressed the interests of the rising bourgeoise , and to recover the purity of the early church from the corruption of the Roman Catholic church .

  A. religious

  B. great

  C. optimistic

  D. humanist

  2. Today , Geoffrey Chaucer's reputation has been securely established as one of the best English _____ for his wisdom , humor ,and humanity .

  A. dramatists

  B. novelists

  C. poets

  D. humanist

  3. Many people today tend to regard the play The Merchant of Venice as a satire of the hypocrisy of _______ and their false standards of friendship and love , their cunning ways of pursuing worldliness and their unreasoning prejudice against ________ .

  A. Christians / Jews

  B. Jews / Christians

  C. oppressors / oppressed

  D. men/ women

  4. During the reign of reason the enlightenment meant education of people to free them from all the unreasonable fetters which include ______ .

  A. theology

  B. conventional ideology

  C. feudal governmental forms

  D. all of the above

  5. Returning to England from Germany in 1799 , William Wordsworth and his sister settled at Dove Cottage in Grasmere , Westmoreland . The poet _____ as well as ______ lived nearby , and the three became known as the lake poets .

  A. Samuel Taylor Coleridge / George Gordon Byron

  B. Robert Southey / Samuel Taylor Coleridge

  C. John Keats / Robert Southey

  D. George Gordon Byron / Percy Bysshe Shelley

  6. The ________ are generally regarded as John Keat's most important and nature works .

  A. epics

  B. lyrics

  C. odes

  D. poetry

  7. As a _______ writer , Jane Austen considers it her duty to express in her works a discriminated and serious criticism of life , and to expose the follies and illusions of mankind .

  A. romantic

  B. sentimentalist

  C. pessimistic

  D. realistic

  8. In the Victorian period , ____ , that Wessex man , not only continued to expose and criticize all sorts of social iniquities , but finally came to question and attack the Victorian conventions and morals .

  A. Charles Dickens

  B. William Makepeace Thackeray

  C. Thomas Hardy

  D. Charlotte Bront

  9. In Aflred Tennyson's poem Ulyssess he depicts ______ who , old as he is , persuades his old followers to go with him and to set sail again to pursue a new world and new knowledge .

  A. Telemachucs

  B. Ulyssess

  C. Achilles

  D. man

  10. The publication of _____ , Robert Browing's masterpiece , in 1869 , finally established the poet's position as one of teh greatest English poets .

  A. In Memorian

  B. The Ring and the book

  C. Maud

  D. Crossing the Bar

  11. The love Song of J Afred Prufrock , in a form of dramatic monologue , presents the meditation of an aging _____ man over the business of proposing marriage.

  A. grown

  B. lunatic

  C. old

  D. young

  12. Down by the Salley Gardens , a short poem by W. B. Yeats , is a reconstruction of an old ________ the poet heard from an old peasnat woman .

  A. story

  B. song

  C. fairy tale

  D. drama

  13. ______ is reagarded as the most prominent stream-of -consciousness novels the psychic being of the characters.

  A. Thomas Hardy

  B. D. H. Lawrence

  C. T. S. Eliot

  D. James Joyce

  14. Each of the 15 stories in Dubliners written by James Joyce presents an aspect of “ dear dirty Dublin ” , an aspect of the city's _____ moral , political of spiritual .

  A. life

  B. incidents

  C. paralysis

  D. useless

  15. The finest example of Hawthorne 's symbolism is the recreation of Puritan Boston in _____ .

  A. The Scarlet Letter

  B. Young Goodman Brown

  C. The Marble Faun

  D. The Ambitious Guest

  16. Irving was best known for his famous short stories such as ______ .

  A. legends of the Althambra

  B. Life of Goldsmith

  C. Life of Washington

  D. Rip Van Winkle

  17. The main theme of _______ 's The Art of Fiction reveals his literary credo that representation of life should be the main object of the novel .

  A. Henry James

  B. Mark Twain

  C. Theodore Dreiser

  D. William Dean Howells

  18. The identification of potency with money is at the heart of Dreiser's masterpiece ______ .

  A. An American Tragedy

  B. Sister Carrie

  C. Daisy Miller

  D. The Portrait of a Lady

  19. “ The apparition of these faces in the crowded ; Petals on a wet , black bough . ” This is the shortest poem written by ____ .

  A. T.S. Eliot

  B. Robert Frost

  C. Ezra Pound

  D. Emily Dickinson

  20. ________ showed great interest in Chinese literature and translated the poetry of Li Po into English and was influenced by Confucian ideas .

  A. Ezra Pound

  B. Robert Frost

  C. T.S. Eliot

  D. Emily Dickinson

  21. Generally speaking , the Old English poetry that has survived can be divided into two groups : the _______ group and the secular one .

  A. religious

  B. lyrical

  C. political

  D. romantic

  22. The Enlightenment Movement brought about a revival of interest in the old classical works in the field of literature . This tendency is known as ________ .

  A. humanism

  B. realism

  C. symbolism

  D. neoclassicism

  23. Richard Brinsley Sheridan was the only important English ______ of the eighteenth century .

  A. poet

  B. novelist

  C. essayist

  D. dramatist

  24. Charlotte Brone's first novel The Professor was rejected by the publisher , but her second one , ________ , won immediate success and today it remains one of the most popular novels .

  A. Wuthering Height

  B. pride and Prejudice

  C. Jane Eyre

  D. Agness Grey

  25. Most of George Bernard Shaw 's plays are concerned with political , economic , moral , or religious problem , and thus , can be termed as ______ plays .

  A. comic

  B. tragic

  C. problem

  D. realist

  26. T. S. Eliot was born in _______ in 1888 , But in 1927 , he became a British subject .

  A. America

  B. Britain

  C. France

  D. Italy

  27. The short Rip Van Wrinkle is taken from Iving ' s work named _______ .

  A. Innocents Abroad

  B. The Sketch Book

  C. Nature

  D. Leaves of Grass

  28 . Hester Prynne is the heroine in _________ 's novel The scarlet Letter .

  A. Fitzgerald

  B. Hemingway

  C. Robert Lee Frost

  D. William Faulkner


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