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  Ⅰ。 Vocabulary and Structure (10 points, 1 point for each)


  1. She was more ___ than frightened. ( )

  [ A ] surprising [ B ] interested [ C ] hated [ D ] surprised

  2. The attention of the public was continually ___ to new possibilities in scientific fields and the discovery of new knowledge. ( )

  [ A ] applied [ B ] drawn [C] referred [D] thrown

  3. Few, ___ any , live their lives without some degree of unhappiness and suffering. ( )

  [A] like [B] except [C] if [D] when

  4. Many women are too concerned __ staying thin and they believe that vitamins are some kind of magic cure to replace food. ( )

  [A] of [B] by [C] with [D] on

  5. In education , there should be a good balance among the branches of knowledge that contribute __ effective thinking and wise judgment. ( )

  [A] at [B] in [C] for [D] to

  6.__ the numbers in employment, the hotel industry was the second largest industry in this country last year. ( )

  [ A ] In line with [ B ] In terms of [ C] In accordance with [ D] In proportion to

  7. Air travel is so quick nowadays that we can leave London after breakfast and arrive in New York ___ eight hours. ( )

  [A] in [B] for [C] after [D] until

  8. It is also true that the effect of a drug is much __ upon youngsters than adults. ( )

  [ A ] bigger [ B ] fewer [C] greater [D] little

  9. Because the reading ___ in most college coures are very heavy, students should plan to read every day.( )

  [ A ] assignments [B] schedules [ C ] activities [D] programs

  10. For long - time efficiency and happiness it is best to observe the of health and sound working conditions. ( )

  [ A ] principles [ B ] ideas [C] elements [D] factors

  Ⅱ。 Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point for each)

  下 列短文中有十个空白,每个空白有四个选项。根据上下文要求选出最佳答案,并在答题卡上将相应的字母涂黑。 Although American informality (不拘礼节) is well known, many new visitors think that it indicates a “lack of respect. ” This is especially true in the business world. Americans often use first names 11 meeting a stranger and do not always shake hands. They often just smile and “ Hi ”or “Hello,” 12 than using more formal hand shake. It is good to remember that to an American such an informal greeting really means the 13 thing as a more formal hand shake someplace else. 14 , Americans do not usually give a special “farewell” or hand shake to each person when they leave a party or business meeting. They will often just wave good - bye to the whole group or perhaps Say, “Well, so long everybody, I ‘11 see you tomorrow. ” They then will leave. 15 hand shakes.

  Americans seem 16 totally ?hurried and 4iard‘ working or totally informal and at ease. Often you will see men working at office desks 17 their suit coats and ties. They may lean far back in their chairs and even put their feet up on the desk 18 they talk on the telephone. This is not meant to be rude.

  A visitor to the United States should therefore understand that being in a great 19 does not indicate unfriendliness and being informal and at ease does not show a lack of respect. Americans have a great range of customs and habits that at first may seem puzzling to a visitor. In 20 you will learn these new ways.

  11. [A] upon [B] for [C] as [D] at

  12.[A]more [B] better [C] rather [D] other

  13. [A] such [B] some [ C ] same [ D ] whole

  14. [ A ] Similarly [ B ] However [ C ] Therefore [ D ] Especially

  15.[A]Some [B] Then [C] So [D] no

  16.[A]both [B] all [C] either [D] neither

  17. [A] with [B ] without [C] in [D] on

  18. [A] while [B] where [C] which [D] because

  19. [A] worry [B] trouble [C] pride [D] hurry

  20. [A] time [B] case [ C ] turn [ D ] vain

  III. Reading Comprehension ( 30 points, 20 points for each)


  Passage One

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

  The economic costs of noise to society are several. Airports are currently operating at less than capacity because of noise regulations which restrict their hours of operation. For instance, at Washington‘ s National Airport on jet traffic is allowed from 11 pm to 7 am. Other airports restrict the use or certain runways. One estimate is that noise restrictions reduce possible airport use by 20 percent. The profitable cargo trade is especially affected by night restrictions.

  In the case of airports, jet engines may be modified to reduce their noise level, or insulation (隔音) from air traffic noise may be provided by the purchase of land around airports or the insulation of buildings . One setimate is that $5.7 billion would be required to equip all existing jet engines with noise control devices. Howevr, considering die current state of the art, even taking this step will not reduce noise levels at all points to acceptabel values, Some combination of methods is probably necessary.

  If all aircraft were made quieter by existing methods , there would be a number of economic benefits. An increase in airport capacity would occur. Property values near airports might rise. Transportation costs to and from airports could be reduced since the airports now could be located closer to population centers.

  Much research still needs to be done on the economic aspects of noise reduction and noise effects. Although some of the effects of noise pollution are known, more must , be discovered about its efects on health, productivity, property values and the quality of life . Furthermore, the cost of noise pollution control to the economy as a whole needs to be investigated.

  The public must e alerted to the dangers and economic costs of noise pollution so that people may make intelligent choices and exert appropriate pressures.

  21. There is no jet traffic at Washington‘ s National Airport from 11 pm to 7 am because ___.

  [ A ] it is extremely dangerous to fly in the dark

  [ B ] noise regulations restrict the hours of airport operation

  [ C ] some of its runways are not in good condition

  [ D ] cargo planes produce disturbing noises

  22. “The current state of the art” (in Para. 2) means .

  [ A ] a developed sense of beauty [ B ] the volume of present - day traffic

  [ C ] the most recently developed technology [ D ] insulation of air traffic noise

  23. Noise reduction could lead to __.

  [ A ] increased airport capacity [ B ] lower property values

  [ C ] effective modification of existing jet engines

  [ D ] more transportation costs to and from airports

  24. What is NOT mentioned in the passage?

  [ A ] Psychological strain. [ B ] Handling capacity of cargo.

  [ C ] Measures for noise reduction. [ D ] Public Pressures.

  25. The author of the passage is concerned primarily with__.

  [ A ] the effects of noise on the quality of life

  [ B ] the role of air traffic restrictions

  [ C ] the production of quieter engines

  [ D ] the economic aspects of noise reduction

  Passage Two

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

  During a state of deep relaxation, several physiological changes take place in the body: the body‘ s oxygen consumption is reduced; the heart beat decreases; muscle tension and sweating ease, and there is decreased sympathetic (交感的) nervous system actiity. This restful state mot only allows the body to repair and restore itself, but it has a calming effect on the consciousness.

  How to achieve this state of relaxation, however, is a matter of opinion, and in some medical circles, a matter of controversy (争论)。 A recent report by Dr. David Holmes of the University of Kansas in the journal “ American Psychologist” said that simply sitting in an armchair has just as many beneficial characteristics for the body as meditation (冥想) does. Researchers of other relaxation techniques disagree. These experts believe that more structured techniques, such as meditation , lead to a condition of deep relaxation.

  The debate goes on, but one thing appears to be clear: the relaxation response can be reached by a number of methods, and the methods themselves are not as important as getting there . One day, one method may work best; on another day, an alternative method may be more appropriate. Once you are aware of all the methods, you can find the one that works best for you.

  Some of the relaxation techniques are meditation, autoanalysis (自我心理分析) and progressive muscle relaxation. Although these techniques may not, in the end, produce more of a relaxation response than just sitting quietly in a chair, they have the added benefit of stucture and discipline, and for these resons appear to be more effective for most individuals.

  26. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true when a person is in a state of deep relaxation?

  [ A ] The body takes in less oxygen. [ B ]The heart beats less frequently.

  [ C ] Muscles become tense and the body sweats easily.

  [ D ] The consciousness becomes more or less calmed.

  27. People seem to agree that __.

  [ A ] sitting in an armchair benefits a person as meditation does

  [ B ] structured relaxation techniques are more beneficial for a person

  [ C ] to achieve a state of deep relaxation is possible through various means

  [ D ]what people are all struggling for is a state of deep relaxation

  28. In the third paragraph, the phrase“ getting there” means ___.

  [ A ] arriving at one‘s destination [ B ] getting what one wants most

  [ C ] finding out a suitable relaxation technique

  [ D ] reaching a state of deep relaxation

  29. As far as relaxation is concerned, the author indicates that ___.

  [ A ] aims are more important than means

  [ B ] means are more important than aims

  [ C ] more and more people are interested in relaxation techniques

  [ D ] some relaxation techniques are better than others

  30. The author‘ s attitude toward relaxation discussed in the passage is best described as ___.

  [ A ] subjective [ B ] objective [ C ] optimistic [ D ] critical

  Passage Three

  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

  People ; seldom feel neutral about poetry (诗)。 Those who love it sometimes give the impression that it is an adequate substitute for food, shelter, and love. It isn‘t. Words, no matter how satisfying , are never an equivalent for life itself and its human experiences. Those who dislike poetry on principle sometimes claim, on the other hand, that poetry is only words and good for nothing. That ’s not true either. It is easy to become frustrated by words—in poetry or in life —but when words represent and recreate genuine human feelings, as they often do in poetry ,they can be very important. Poetry is, in fact, more than just words. It is an experience of words, and those who know how to read poetry can easily extend their experience of life, their sense of what other people are like, their awreness of themselves, and their range of human feelings.

  One reason poetry can be so important is that it is so closely concerned with feelings. Poetry is often full of ideas, too, and sometimes poems can be powerful experiences of the mind, but most poens are primarily about how people feel rather than how people think. Poems provide, in fact, a language for feeling, and one of poetry ‘s most insistent merits involves its attempt to express the inexpressible. How can anyone ,for example , put into words what it means to be in love or what it feels like to lose someone one cares about ? Poetry tries , and it often captures exactly the shade of emotion that feels just right to a reader. No single poem can said to express all the things that love or death feels like, or means , but one of the joys of experiencing poetry occurs when we read a poem and want to say, “ Yes, that is just what it is like; I know exctly what that line means but I’ve never been able to express it so well. ” Poetry can be the voice of our feelings even when our minds are speechless with grief or joy.

  31. “ People seldom feel neutral about poetry” (in Para. 1 ) in this context means that ___.

  [ A ] few people think that poetry is neutral

  [ B ] people always differ in their views about poetry

  [ C ] people rarely take a biased opinion about poetry

  [ D ] people generally think of poetry as extremely important or totally useless

  32. The author suggests that___.

  [ A ] poetry tends to make the reader disappointed

  [ B ] poetry makes its readers sentimental

  [ C ] poetry is more important than words

  [ D ] poetry often captures real human feelings

  33. According to the author, poetry ___.

  [ A ] is more than just words [ B ] is the poets feelings about words

  [ C ] is anything but patterns of lines [ D ] is an experiment on the use of words

  34. Poetry tries , persistently ,to express __.

  [ A ] what love and death mean

  [ B ] what people think about themselves

  [ C ] what people feel but find it hard to describe

  [ D ] how people go through life

  35. This passage is mainly about __.

  [ A ] the structure of poetry [ B] the components of poetry

  [ C ] the nature and importanca of poetry

  [ D ] the appreciation of poetry

  IV. Word Spelling ( 10 points, 1 point for two words)


  36.护照 37.目标 38.邮费 39.海洋 40.削弱 41.月亮的

  42.检查,观察 43.集体宿舍 44.债务 45.基本的 46.内容

  47.熟悉的 48.慷慨的 49.邀请 50.发明者 51.菜单

  52.明显的 53.无论如何,不顾 54.智慧 55.女主人

  V. Word Form( 10 points,! point for each)


  56. A man cannot be really happy if what he enjoys ___(do) is ignored by society as of no value or


  57. Some proverbs ___(be) in the language for 1 ,000 years, for example, A friend in need is a friend indeed.

  58. Anyone ___ (。want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know about robotics.

  59. The nations that ___ actively ___(involve) in earthquake prediction programs include Japan, Chi-

  na, Russia, and the United States.

  60. It is a well —known fact that a person will move in a circle when he cannot use his eyes ___ ( control) his direction.

  61. In 1991, after the Gulf war, Bush‘s approval rating reached 91 percent, the highest level recorded since polling ___(begin) in the 1930s.

  62. As research techniques become more advanced ,the number of animals __ ( use) in experiments may decrease.

  63. Seeing violence on television or reading about it in the newspapers every day __ ( make) us tolerate crime more than we should.

  64. The __(far) away we get from the earth, the thinner the air becomes.

  65. They demanded that the right to vote __(give) to every adult person.

  VI. Translation from Chinese into English ( 15 points, 3 points for each)







  VII. Translation form English into Chinese ( 15 points)


  If you only need to travel a short distance, the quickest way to travel in most cities is on foot. During working hours the traffic is very heavy on most city streets, sometimes coming to a complete stop in places. As a result, many people prefer to walk. You should thereford be aware of some of the traffic laws. It is against the law in many cities to cross the street at any place except at the comer. You should not cross the street unless there is a green traffic light facing in the direction you plan to cross. In small towns, these rules may not be followed as closely, because the traffic is usually not so heavy. However, the purpose of the laws is to provide for the safety and protection of the people. Obeying traffic signals is especially important if you come from a left — hand drive country. Remember to look both ways for automobiles when you cross the street.


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