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  课程代码:00837 Ⅰ。Multiple Choice:(1 ×20=20 )

  Directions: In this section, you are given 20 questions , beneath each of which

  are four choices marked A , B, C, and D. You are to make the best choice either to complete

  the incomplete statement or to answer the question.

  1.Plaese identify one member which does not directly report to the general manager in the organizational chart of the hotel.

  A. Resident Manager B. Food Beverage Manager C. Personnel Director D. Front Office Manager

  2.Which of the following city is NOT included in the “Six Great Ancient Capitals” in China?

  A. Kaifeng B. Chengdu C. Hangzhou D. Nanjing

  3.The development of hospitality sees four stages, which are ______ in succession.

  A. inn ; grand hotel; commercial hotel; hotel chain B. grand hotel ; inn; hotel chain; commercial hotel

  C. inn; grand hotel; hotel chain; commercial hotel

  D. grand hotel; inn; commercial hotel ; hotel chain

  4.The ______ department has been called the lifeblood of the organization. A. personnel B. sales

  C. food beverage D. rooms

  5.______ is the single most important factor in the success or failure of the hotel as a profit-making enterprise. A. Repeat business in the restaurants

  ; banquet rooms and sleeping rooms B. Proper maintenance and provision of hotel services

  C. Emphasis on energy conservation D. Proper attention to the guests‘ needs for food beverage

  6.Which of the following is NOT the impact of tourism on values and norms ?

  A. Changes in family structures and values B. Adoption of servile attitude towards

  tourists C. Increase in prostitution D. Changes in eating habits 7.In ______,the United States

  established the first of its national parks at Yellowstone. A. 1872 B. 1883 C. 1849 D.


  8.Modern tourism in China began in the ______. A. 1940s B. 1930s C. 1920s D.

  1910s 9.Which of the following statements is NOT true ?

  A. The development of the domestic tourism industry creates employment opportunities.

  B. The tourism industry is highly centralized C. China‘s domestic tourism industry promotes

  the development of local cottage industries that produce handicrafts and tourist souvenirs.

  D. With 56 ethnic nationalities , China has a great diversity of cultural traditions. 10.Which

  of the following statements is NOT ture ?

  A. The United Nations General Assembly designated 1967 as the International Tourist

  Year. B. The socioculture impact of tourism on a host country is only restricted to lesser

  developed countries. C. Comparatively wealthy tourists to a region has the effcet of attracting

  petty criminals. D. Tourism may lead to an increase in the breakdown of marriages and in divorce.

  11.______ is the global organization for virtually all the international air carriers. A.

  ICAO B. IATA C. OECD D. PATA 12.Visitors who spend at least one night in accommodation

  in the destination country are international ______. A. visitors B. tourists C. excursionists D.

  travelers 13.______ need is considered the goal of leisure. A. Aesthetics B. Self-actualization

  C. Esteem D. Physiological 14.______ are privately charted aircraft accommodating between

  four and 18 people,and are used particularly by business travelers. A. Jet airlines B.

  Air taxis C. Taxis D. Chartered airlines 15.During the 1975s,the technological focus

  changed to the development of ______ aircraft. A. larger B. quieter C. jumbo D. faster

  16.According to Maslow, esteem need excludes ______. A. maintain social contacts B. prestige

  C. social recognition D. ego-enhancement 17.Computer systems in travel agencies are designed

  to offer three distinct facilities which exclude ______. A. Front office “client relation”

  systems B. Back office systems C. Engineering systems D. Management systems 18.Those who were

  born somewhere else desire to return to their hometown in order to satisfy their______ need.

  A. safety B. physiological C. “to know and to understand” D. belonging 19.The golden

  age of the Grand Tour was the ______ century, particularly ______ years before the outbreak

  of the French Revolution. A. 18th ,30 B. 19th ,30 C. 18th,20 D. 19th ,20 20.______,

  new production practices, new management techniques and changes in the industry‘s frame conditions

  are the five main impulses driving the new tourism. A. New consumers, new economy B. New

  economy , new technologies C. New consumers, new technologies D. New economy , new enterprises

  Ⅱ。Reading Comprehension :(2 ×10=20 )

  Directions: Read the following two passages and then choose the best answer to each

  question. (1 )

  In a bid to restore the pristine alpine beauty of the Hanas Nature Reserve in Xinjiang

  Uygur Autonomous Region , authorities recently decided to demolish a sprawling 30-milllion-yuan

  holiday resort in the area within the next five years.A new holiday resort will be constructed

  in Jiadengyu Forest Prak,30km from the scenic area. In Hanan Natrue Reserve, located in

  Burqin County in the Altai region , is a prime tourist attraction known for its splendid

  landscape. Since the local government decided to accelerate development of tourism in 1998,

  many developers rushed here to build villas , hotels and holiday resorts.Facilities in the

  area are currently able to accommodate 2,000 visitors a day. Recent statistics show that

  the nature reserve received 360 ,000 tourists last year, and generated 45 million yuan in

  earnings. During the first seven months of this year, the area received more than 300,000

  tourists, up 25 percent over the same period last year. Earnings also increased by 64 percent

  over the same period last year. But excessive and disorderly development of the area, which

  largely resulted from a lack of unified planning and management , has caused many negative

  impacts. Construction and logging have damaged the grasslands and vegetation there. In addition,

  the improper treatment of sewage, garbage and exhaust gas has created a serious environmental

  problem. Even worse , some developers introduced Karaoke and Disco into the scenic area,

  causing unbearable noise pollution in the originally tranquil place. As the disorderly development

  drew increasing concern from society, the local government was forced to take swift action

  to save the nature reserve. Early last year , the local government invited a group of experts

  from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, at a cost 1.1 million yuan , to formulate an ecological

  rehabilitation plan for the area. As an important part of the plan, all the holiday resorts

  and hotels in the area will be bulldozed. In future , all tourists will have to enter the

  reserve in environment-friendly vehicles, on horseback or on foot. All structures not built

  with natural wood will be demolished, and tour boats will be banned from using liquid fuel.

  Some of the buildings near Hanas Lake have already been dismantled. Sewage treatment facilities

  are under construction in the new holiday resort in Jiadengyu Forest Park. A 58-km highway,

  linking Burqin County and Jiadengyu , will be completed before the beginning of the busy

  tourism season next year. 21.The beauty of the Hanas Nature Reserve is compared with the beauty

  of ______. A. the Himalayas B. the Alps C. the Mount Everest D. the Fuji Mountain

  22.Who is to blame for the disorderly development of Hanas Nature Reserve ?

  A. the local government B. some developers C. construction and logging companies D.

  car users 23.There are ______ pollution in the Hanas Nature Reserve originally?

  A. air and water B. environment and water C. air and noise D. environment and

  noise 24.In future, tourists will not be allowed to enter in reserve ______. A. on horseback B.

  on foot C. on motorcycles D. in environment-friendly cars 25.What is the best title for

  the passage ?

  A. Hanas Nature Reserve : A Paradise on Earth B. Saving Hanas Nature Reserve C. Hanas

  Nature Reserve is Built to Attract More Tourists D. Development of Hanas Nautre Reserve

  (2 )

  Restaurants generally fit into following categories and consumers :The gourmet restaurant

  caters to the needs of connoisseurs and sophisticated diners. The dishes and service are very

  quality so that these restaurants are the most expensive and luxurious of all food service

  establishments. The specialty restaurant usually offers a limited variety or style of food.

  It may be specialize in seafood or in a particular kind of national food. Also it may depend

  on the atmosphere , decor, or personality of the owner to attract customers. The convenience

  restaurant services customers who want to eat in hurry and are most interested in fast service,

  cleanliness , and low price. Fast food is an example which can be prepared , served , and

  eaten quickly ;probably the most typical and famous fast food restaurants, McDonald are

  locating many countries and places over the world. Another way to categorize restaurants is

  by the kind of service. They are table service, counter service, self-service and carry

  out. In table service restaurants , customers are seated at tables where they are served

  by a waiter or waitress. In counter restaurants , customers sit at a counter and are served

  either by the person who prepares the food or by a waiter or waitress. A self-service restaurants

  is frequently called a buffer or cafeteria; there cus-Italian. Most areas of the world rely

  heavily on regional cuisine that depends on local availability, seasonal prices, and traditional

  customers. The choice of cuisine is an important one for the customer , who often makes it

  unconsciously and sometimes makes it too consciously; it is a crucial choice for the restaurateur

  because it may mean the difference between success and failure in business. Before a new restaurant

  opens the manager or owner has decided on its basic character , including such features as

  its location, size , cuisine, staff, and equipment. 26.The meaning of the word “decor”

  is most similar to that of . A. furniture B. surroundings C. decoration D. display

  27.If a VIP wants to show his status he can eat in a ______ restaurant. A. gourmet B.

  convenience C. popular D. specialty 28.McDonald is a kind of ______ restaurant. A. gourmet B.

  convenience C. popular D. specialty 29.If a person wants to serve himself and decide what

  he wants to eat , he can eat in the ______ restaurants. A. table service B. counter service

  C. self-service D. carry out 30.If a person. driving a car doesn‘t want to eat in the restaurants,

  he can buy food from a ______ restaurant. A. table service B. counter service C. self-service D.

  carry out Ⅲ。Fill in the blanks with the proper phrases given below. Make some changes if

  necessary :(1 ×10=10 )

  conform to be of use adjust to dwell on concentrate on limit to associate with protect

  …from dispose of similar to 31.Many tourist problems facing this country are ______ that

  country‘s. 32.“Try to ______ your talk ______ ten minutes ,” the chairman said. 33.We should

  try our best to ______ natural resources ______ being polluted. 34.The principal ______ traffic

  safety in his talk at the last meeting. 35.Every citizen‘s behavior should ______ the social

  code of conduct. 36.The sanitary worker comes here to ______ the rubbish every day. 37.He

  couldn‘t ______ his study for quite a while after he heard the sad news. 38.Nora said it was

  not so difficult as she had expected to ______ herself ______ the life in China. 39.People

  all over the world ______ my hometown ______ Chairman Mao. 40.I never expected the book I

  found from a second-hand bookstore would _____ to my graduation thesis. Ⅳ。Cloze test:

  (0.5 ×20=10 )

  Directions: Fill in the blanks with proper words or phrases. The success of China‘s

  market- 41 reforms has drawn 42 worldwide , from politicians to 43 circles and the general

  44 .Finally given an 45 ,the Chinese people are demonstrating the entrepreneurial 46 and

  ingenuity that have made expatriate 47 so economically successful the world 48 .There is little

  49 that , barring any 50 upheavals , China will soon be 51 in the tourism business as any

  52 in the tourism business as any in the ___53___ marketplace. China‘s rapidly developing

  business 54 is already responsible for a major part of the 55 in tourism in recent years.

  Not only are 56 investments coming into the country , but so are 57 numbers of entrepreneurs,

  who typically combine 58 with their business trip. This 59 of the visitor market will likely

  ___60___ in the coming years. Ⅴ。Phrase translation:(1 ×20=20 )

  Part one: Translation the following phrases into English 61. 飞行常客奖励计划62.

  销售回报63. 运载能力64. 市场营销工具65. 收入来源66. 目标市场67. 采购员68. 收支相抵69. 物理

  容量70. 世界文化遗产Part Two: Translate the following phrases into Chinese :71.transit travelers

  72.Inclusive tour excursion 73.homeostasis 74.en route 75.waybills 76.cable cars 77.ethnic

  diversity 78.IMF 79.burgeoning tourism industry 80.non-commodity currency

  Ⅵ。Translate the following passages into Chinese (10×2=20)

  (1 ) Modern tourism is a discipline that has only recently attracted the attention

  of scholars from many fields. The majority of studies have been conducted for special purposes

  and have used narrow operational definitions to suit particular needs of researchers or government

  officials ; these studies have not encompassed a systems approach. Consequently, many definitions

  of “tourism” and“the tourist‘ are based on distance traveled, the length of time spent ,

  and the purpose of the trip. This makes it difficult to gather statistical information that

  scholars can use to develop a database, describe the tourism phenomenon, and do analyses.

  (2 ) As a site of historical interest, Taishan has been a preferred place of visit for

  centuries. Dating back to the Yin and Shang periods (1766-1122 BC),Chinese forefathers

  established five directions of north, south, east , west and center. The east, where the

  sun rises , presents life‘s fertility with the end of winter and coming of spring. Taishan,

  located in a coastal province in eastern China, has been regarded as a propitious place.

  Ancient emperors prayed for the country‘s prosperity and peach by offering sacrifices to Heaven

  and Earth on Taishan. According to historical records , prior to the Western Zhou Dynasty

  (1122-771BC),72 monarchs climbed the mountain to perform sacrifices. They were then followed

  by Qinshihuang, China‘s first emperor, and then the emperors of the Han , Tang , Song

  and Qing Dynasties.