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  1. Children who are over-protected by their parents may become_____.

  a. hurt b.tamed c.destroyed d.spoiled

  答案: d

  解析: 句意为:“过分受父母保护的孩子可能会被惯坏”。hurt“指对身体或感情上的伤害”。destroy“毁坏,消灭”。tame“驯服”。spoil“宠坏,惯确良坏”。spoiled的过去分词形式也可看做是形容词“宠坏了的”。

  2. I‘ve been telling you_____not to do that,but you neve listened to me.That’s why you got into trouble.

  a.at times b.time before time c.time and again d.for the time being

  答案: c

  解析: time and again相当于“time and time again”,意思是“一次又一次地,再三地”,正合题意。at times指“有时,偶尔”。for the time being意思是“暂时”。不存在b项这种表达法。

  3. _____he speaks softly is no proof that he is kind.

  a.Since b.As c.That d.Because

  答案: c

  解析: that做主语从句he speaks softly的引导词,没有实际意义。

  4. Being extremely_____to the cold,I do not like skating.

  a.sensitive b.senseless c.insensitive d.sensible

  答案: a

  解析: sensitive“对某事很敏感”,后跟介词to.本句意思是:“我对冷很敏感,所以不喜欢滑冰。”

  5. I don‘t feel like_____anything now.

  a.to eat b.eating c.having eaten d.to be eating

  答案: b

  解析: “feel like+doing sth.”,表示“想做某事”,后面只能跟动名词形式。

  6. I will do the clearing if you see_____the lunch.

  a.out b.off c.to d.through

  答案: c

  解析: see to sth.“料理,负责处理”;see sb.out of“送某人到外面去”;see sb. off“送站(在火车站、机场、码头等地)送人”;see through sb.or sth.“看穿某人或某事”。从句意看,显然选项c意思合适。

  7. It was not until she had finished all her work_____.

  a.did she return b.that she returned c.when she returned d.that did she return

  答案: b

  解析: “it is not until that……”是强调句型,“that”引导的从句用正常语序,而以“not until……”开头的句子中谓语要用倒装形式。

  8. He didn‘t seem to mind_____the music while he was studying.

  a.them listening b.them to listen to c.when she returned d.that did she return

  答案: c

  解析: “mind+动名词”表示介意某事。表示介意某人做某事用“mind one/one‘s doing sth.”。另外,listen是不及物动词,后面必须跟介词to.

  9. It seems as if the sun_____round the earth since it rises in the east and sets in the west.

  a.circles b.is circling c.has been circling d.were circling

  答案: d

  解析: “as if”“似乎,好象”,太阳并不是绕着地球转,所以后面应该与事实相反的假设,要用虚拟语气。需要特别指明的是:“如果是一般的客观规律的陈述,则用一般现在时”。

  10._____all the representatives still not there,the meeting was postponed for several hours.

  a.Because b.With c.By d.Without

  答案: b

  解析: with加名词短语,表示原因,本句意思为:“因为所有的代表还没有到场,会议被推迟了好几个小时”。而because(因为)引导的是原因状语从句,其后必须是个从句。by为“到……为止”。

  11.If he_____the storekeeper‘s scissors,he would have forgotten to buy a pair.

  a.would not see b.had not seen c.having not seen d.has not seen

  答案: b

  解析: 本题测试的是虚拟语气的用法,其中的条件从句用过去完成时had done,主句谓语用would/couldmight have+done.

  12.Copernicus maintained that the earth_____round the sun.

  a.moves b.moved c.moving d.move

  答案: a

  解析: 表述永恒的真理或客观规律用一般现在时,不管主句谓语用什么时态。而“地球绕着太阳转”是客观规律,所以选a

  13.My wallet is nowhere to be found.I_____it when I was on the bus.

  a.must drop b.should have dropped c.had dropped d.must have dropped

  答案: d

  解析: must have+done用于推断过去某个时间肯定发生了的事情。

  14.His article is better than_____in the class.

  a.anyone‘s b.anyone else c.anyone else’s d.anyone‘s else

  答案: c

  解析: anyone else指除了句中提到的“他”之外的任何人,本句进行比较的是“文章”而不是人,因此选用不定式所有格anyone else‘s.

  15.There isn‘t much milk_____is left in the bottle.

  a.what b.which c.whatever d.that

  答案: d

  解析: 在不定式词much,或由much修饰的名词之后一般用关系代词that引导定语从句。

  16.I can speak_____German.

  a.either Russian nor b.neither Russian or c.no Russian nor d.neither Russian nor

  答案: d

  解析: 表示否定的并列连词neither……nor可以引导两个并列的名词、形容词、副词或动词。

  17.He was very_____to go,but he had no choice.

  a.ready b.willing c.reluctant d.hesitant

  答案: c

  解析: reluctant“不愿的,勉强的”:“他非常不愿意去,但他别无选择”,所以,reluctant用的本句合适。hesitant“踌躇的,犹豫的”;ready“准备好的”;willing“愿意的”。

  18.He drove fast and arrived an hour_____of schedule.

  a.in advance b.ahead c.abreast d.in front

  答案: b

  解析: ahead of“提前,预先”,ahead of schedule“比规定时间提前”,正合题意。本句意为“他开得很快,比规定时间早到了1小时。”in advance“事先,提前”,后面不跟介词。in front of“在……前面”,表示位置,所以此处不合题意。

  19.The girl who found the ring received a generous_____of five pounds.

  a.prize b.allowance c.income d.reward

  答案: d

  解析: reward“赏金,报酬”主要指“做了好事时被给予的酬谢”,用在本句正合适。prize“奖品,奖金”,主要指“赢得的奖励”;allowance“补贴”;income“收入”。

  20.William has cut his smoking_____to five cigarettes a day.

  a.down b.short c.away d.off

  答案: a

  解析: cut down“削减,减少”;cut sth. down to“把……减到(什么程度)”,是固定搭配,而且符合题意。

  21.Those people_____a general understanding of the present situation.

  a.lack of b.are lacking of c.lack d.are in lack

  答案: c

  解析: lack (vt.) “缺乏,缺少”,直接跟宾语。作名词用时用lack of.

  22.It‘s_____my power to make final decision on the matter.

  a.off b.out c.above d.beyond

  答案: d

  解析: beyond“在……之外”,beyond one‘s power“超出某人的能力”。

  23.“It was very cold testerday.”


  a.So was it b.So it was c.It so was d.Was it so

  答案: b

  解析: so当“确实如此,是这样”讲,主语与上一句的主语一致时,后跟陈述语序。当主语与前句的主语不一致,表示后者也如此时,so用倒装语序。

  24._____you understand this rule,you‘ll have no difficulty in dealing with such problems.

  a.While b.Though c.Unless d.Once

  答案: d

  解析: once意思是“一旦”。while“当……时候”;though“虽然”;unless“除非”。“一旦你明白了这个规则,处理类似的问题就不困难了。”显然,d符合句子意思的表达需要。

  25.Your bike needs_____.You‘d better do i right now.

  a.clean b.to be clean c.being cleaned d.to clean

  答案: b

  解析: need+to be done或need+doing都表示被动的动作。类似的动词还有want,require等。他们都是后面跟动名词的主动式或不定式的被动式。

  26.The driver pulled_____at the traffic lights.

  a.in b.off c.up d.out

  答案: c

  解析: pull up“(车、马)停下”,符合句意。pull in“(火车)缓缓进站,(车辆)靠边停下”;pull out“(车、船)驶出,(司机)超车”;pull off“努力实现(计划等)”。

  27.Both of my brothers are now married,so I have two_____.

  a.sister-ins-law b.sisters-in-law c.sisters-in-law d.sister-in-law

  答案: b

  解析: “名词+副词/介词”或“副词/介词+名词”的复合名词,单数变复数时,只将中心名词变复数。如:on-look→on-looks;brother-in-law→brothers-in-law.

  28.Two-thirds of his property_____lost in the fire.

  a.was b.were c.are d.have been

  答案: a

  解析: 以分数限定的名词做主语时,谓语的单复数应同该名词保持一致,而不管分数是单数还是复数。此句中property(财产)是单数不可数名词,故用单数形式的动词。

  29.He‘s working hard_____.

  a.for fear that he will fail b.for fear he should fail c.lest he fails d.for case he would fail

  答案: b

  解析: for fear (that)“惟恐,以免”,引导的从句用虚拟语气should+动词原形,should可省略。lest意思及用法类似。

  30.The teacher gave_____the examination paper.

  a.off b.over c.up d.out

  答案: d

  解析: give out“分发,用完,耗尽”,符合句意。give off“发放出(气、光、热等)”;give up“放弃”;give over“交付”。


  Passage 1.

  The agricultural revolution in the 19th century involved two things:the invention of labor-saving machinery and the deyelopment of scientific agriculture.Labor-saving machinery naturally appeared first where labor was scarce.“In Europe,”said Thomas Jefferson,“the object is to make the most of their land,labor being abundant:here it is to make the most of our labor,land being abundant.”It was in America, therefore,that the great advances in 19th century agricultural machinery first came.

  At the opening of the century,with the exception of a crude plow farmers could have carried pracically all of the existing agricultural implements on their backs;by1860,most of the machinery inuse today had been designed in an early form.The most important of the early inventions was the iron plow.As early as 1790 Charles Newbold of New Jersey had been working on the idea of a cast-iron plow and spent his entire fortune in introdueing his invention.The farmers,however,would have none of it,claiming that the iron poisoned the soil and made the weeds grow.Nevertheless,many people devoted their attention to the plow,until in 1869 James Oliver of South Bend,Indiana,turned out the first chilled-still plow.?

  1. What is the main topic of the passage?

  a.The need for agricultural advances to help feed a growing population.

  b.The development of safer machines demanded by the labor movement.

  c.Machinery that contributed to the agricultural revolution.

  d.New Jersey as a leader in the agricultural revolution.

  答案: c

  解析: 本文围绕农业革命和机器进行了论述。

  2. The expression “make the most of” in Line 4is closest in meaning to which of the following?

  a.get the best yield from b.raise the price of c.make full use of d.earn a living on

  答案: c

  解析: make the mast of意思是“充分利用”,意同“make full use of”。

  3. Which of the following can be inferred from what Thomas Jefferson said?

  a.Europe was changing more quickly than America.

  b.Europe had greater need of farm machinery than America did.

  c.America was finally rnning out of good farmland.

  d.There was a shortage of workers on American farm.

  答案: d

  解析: 第一段最后一句提到在美国首先出现了先进的农业机器。前一句说土地多的地方要充分利用劳动力,说明美国相对来说“劳动力不足,土地富裕”。

  4. It can be inferred that the waord“here”in Line 4 refers to_____.

  a.Europe b.America c.New Jersey d.Indiana

  答案: b

  解析: “In Europe”,said Thomas Jefferson,“the object is to make the most of their land,labor being abundant;here it is to make the most of our labor,land being abundant.”It was in America,therefore,that the great advances in 19th century agricultural machinery first came.从黑体部分可以清楚看出here指代“美国”。here与in Europe构成对比句子结构。

  5. What point is the autor making by stating that farmers could carry nearly all their tools on their backs?

  a.Farmers had few tools before the agricultural revolution

  b.Americans were traditionally self-reliant.

  c.Life on the farm was extremely difficult.

  d.New tools were designed to be portable.

  答案: a

  解析: 起初农民几乎可以背得了所有的工具,说明那时候工具又少又简单,与后来的大机器形成对比。

  Passages 2.

  There are many problems connected with space travel.The first and greatest of themis gravity.If you let your pencil drop to the floor,you can see gravity in action.Everything is held down to the earth by magnetic force.A rocket must go at least 2,500miles an hour to take anyone beyond the gravity of the earth into space.

  Another problem is the strain(作用力) that a person is subjected to when a rocket leaves the ground.Anything that is not moving tends to resist movement.As the rocket leaves the ground,it pushes upward violently,and the person in the onse cone(驾驶舱) is pushed back against the chair.During this thrust,gravity exerts a force on the body equal to nine times its normal force.

  Once out of the earth‘s gravity,an astronaut is affected by still another problem——weight-lessness.Here,if a pencil drops,it does not fall.If a glass of water is turned upside down,the water will not fall out.Our bodies,which are accustomed to gravity,tend to become upset in weightless conditions.Recent long flights have shown that the body needs special execise in a spaceship.

  Astronauts could also be affected by boredom and loneliness.Some of them might have to sit in their spaceships for nonths with little to do and no one to talkto.Space trips to distant planets or the nearest stars mighttake many years.It is possible that some trips to even take a lifetime.So future astronauts must be trained to endure ling periods of “inactivity and solitude”。

  6. Which of the following is NOTmentioned in the passage?

  a.The earth‘s gravity b.Weightlessness c.Space sickness d.Loneliness

  答案: c

  解析: 第二、三、四段的首句分别提到了a,b,d三个选项。

  7. In weightless condition,what will happen?

  a.If a pencil drops,it will fall b.If a glass of water is turned upside down,the water will fall out

  c.Our bodies tend to become upset d.It‘s easier for our bodies to move around

  答案: d

  解析: 第三段中间分别列举了在失重情况下的三种可能性。

  8. The quality that the future astronauts must have is_____.

  a.being brave b.not being overweight c.enduring solitude d.being passive

  答案: c

  解析: 第四段最后一句话提到未来的宇航员接受训练,以便能经受住长期不运动和寂寞的考验。

  9. Which of the following is beyond the gravity of the earth?

  a.A pencil b.An animal c.A man on the earth d.A man in a rocket moving3,000miles per hour

  答案: d

  解析: 第一段的最后一句说,火箭以每小时至少2,500英里的速度飞行时,能使人摆脱地球重力。所以,火箭以每小时3,000英里运行时,人在火箭里是不受地球引力影响的。

  10. When a rocket leaves the ground,the gravity_____.

  a.is equal to the normal one?

  b.is less strong than the normal one?

  c.is much stronger than the normal one

  d.is relatively smaller

  答案: c

  解析: 第二段最后一句提到,火箭飞离地面时,施加在人身上的重力相当于正常时的九倍,也就是说,火箭飞离地面时,施加在人身上的重力会更大。



  1.should 2.future 3.group 4.tooth 5.decision

  6.vision 7.occasion 8.ghost 9.exhibit 10.repeat

  11.return 12.around 13.strong 14.interrupt 15.watch

  16.mother 17.couple 18.service 19.learn 20.advance




  crossing letter learned collapsed across called for

  relatives rushed holding through offering running

  The story began on a downtown Broodlyn street corner.An elderly man had__①__while__②__the street,and an ambulance rushed him to Kings County Hospital.There,when he came to now and again,the man repeatedly__③__his son.

  From a worn__④__found in his pocket,an emergency-roon nurse__⑤__that his son was a Marine stationed in North Carolina.It seemed there were no other__⑥__.

  A young Marine__⑦__to the hospital.Nights were ling in hospital,but all__⑧__the night the young marine sat there in the dimly-lit ward,__⑨__the old man‘shand and__⑩__words of hope and strength.At last,the old man died,and it is found that the youn marine wasn’t the old man‘s son.

  答案:①——⑩ collapsed,crossing,ccalled for,letter,learned,



  It is widely believed that every word has a correct meaning,that we learn these__⑾__mainly from teachers and grammarians,and that dictionaries and__⑿__books are the higest authority in matters of meaning and usage.Few people ask by what__⒀__the writes of dictionaries and grammars say what they say.I once got into an argument with an__⒁__woman over the__⒂__of a word and offered to look it up in the__⒃__.the English woman said firmly,“What for?I am English.I was born and brought up in__⒄__.The way I speak is__⒅__.”Such confidence abour one‘s own language is not__⒆__among the English.In the united states,however,anyone who is willing to quarrel with the dictionary is regarded__⒇__out of his mind.

  答案:⑾——⒇ meanings,grammar,authority,English,pronunciation



  1.After hearing the news of her husband‘sdeath,Louise Mallard________________.

  答案:cried loudly and went to her room alone.

  2.Bob Sugg is a newspaper-selling boy who________________.

  答案:was very clever,and hated crimes and criminals.

  3.That Dr. Coleman went to work as a garbage collector is to________________.

  答案:experience another kind of life.

  4.According to the author John Ciardi,when you read Homer,your mind will________________.

  答案:include a piece of Homer‘s mind

  5.In the text Thank You,Ma‘am,the large woman gave the small boy not only money,but also________________.

  答案:love,trust and self-esteem.

  6.Two of the“deposits”in the Emotional Bank Account are________________.

  答案:to cultivate kindness;to earn an“A”:apologiae;to learn loyalty;to make and keep promises;not to forget to forgive (Any two of the five points will be correct.)

  7.While reciting the day‘s lecture to himself,the author made an important discovery,that is________________.

  答案:to cut up the lecture into topics and subtopics.

  8.By his own example and his words,Jimhas taught us________________.

  答案:how to evaluate our lives.

  9.“The tomorrow‘s newspaper”offered“me”,the author of the text,two chances.They are:________________.

  答案:to win some money;to save my father.

  10.Why was the letter A so important for Christy Brown?

  答案:Because it was his road to a new world and his key to mental freedom.



  答案:I don‘t like the way he talks to his parents.



  答案:He regards books as his best teacher.



  答案:He dedicated/devoted himself whole-heartedly/body and soul to the education of young people.



  答案:His dream to become a scientist came true.

  解析:com true“(梦想、愿望)实现”,不用被动语态。


  答案:The sports meeting has to be put off because of the bad weather

  解析:put off“推迟,延迟”。


  答案:No matter how busy he is ,he always finds/sets aside some time to read books everyday.

  解析:no matter how“无论怎样……”;set aside“留出”,find time to do sth.“找出时间做某事。”


  答案:Work hard,and you will achieve your goal.

  解析:achieve your goal“达到目标”,此句型为:前半句是祈使句,表示条件,由and连接,后半句用将来时。and在本句引出结果状语从句。


  答案:If you want to apply for the job,please fill in this form.

  解析:apply for“申请”;fill in“填表,填空”。


  答案:His achievements convinced the people around him of his ability.

  解析:convince sb. of sth.“使某人信服某事”。


  答案:Please reduce your essay to 1500 words or so.

  解析:reduce“减少”;or so“大约,左右”。