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  词形变化( Word Form )应试技巧






  So far, Irving ______(live) in New York City for ten years. has lived

  Many a writer of newspaper articles_______(trun) to writing novels during the past decade. has turned

  Some people think relations between people _______(deteriorate) so much that understanding and friendship are almost impossible . have deteriorated

  Nearly a week passed before the girl was able to explain what _______(happen) to her.

  had happened

  In the past two decades, research _____(expand) our knowledge about sleep and dreams . has expanded


  The nations that _______actively ________(involve) in earthquake prediction programs include Japan, Russia, and the United States. are involved

  There __________(estimate) to be more than 20,000 overseas domestic servants working in Brtain in 1995. were estimated



  If you had come earlier, you ______ (not miss) the first act of the play.

  would not have missed

  If it hadn‘t been for your help, we _____(be) in real trouble.

  would have been

  B.在表示建议、命令、要求以及表示“重要性”和“紧迫性”等含义的主语从句、宾语从句、表语从句和同位语从句中,谓语动词常用虚拟语气,由“动词原形”或“should + 动词原形”构成。 should 常常省略

  I would recommend that you _______(think) about doing something similar for yourself. (should) think

  It was imperative that students ______(finish) their papers before July 1st.

  (should) finish

  C.动词wish 、would rather (sooner)、if only、as if 后的虚拟语气。

  I would rather he _____(buy) the house next year.

  bought ( 表示从句中动作尚未发生)

  She treats me as if I ______ (be) a stranger. were

  The manager told us to be friendly to the visitors as if we _____( meet) them before.

  had met

  If only we ______(have) a phone! I‘m tired of waiting outside the public phone box.

  D.in case , for fear that , lest 等词后从句的谓语动词为(should) + 原形。

  He took his umbrella with him lest it _______ (rain.)

  (should) rain

  E.在It is (high) time that 从句中谓语动词一般用过去时动词。

  It‘s high time that we _______(take) firm measures to protect our environment. took



  If we had set out earlier,we wouldn‘t be walking in the rain.




  不定式作定语:If there is no choice, there is no decision ______(make) to be made

  不定式作宾语: Robots , already taking over human tasks in the automotive field, are beginning ________(see) . to be seen

  不定式作宾补 I notice him _______( leave ) the classroom. leave (可省略to)

  不定式作主补:They were often compelled ______(work) twelve or fourteen hours a day.

  to work( 不可省略to)

  We make them (to) work day and night. 不定式作宾语补语,在有些动词后可以省略TO

  They are made to work day and night. 不定式作主语补语时,不可省略TO

  B.分词:主要考查分词作定语、状语、宾语补足语的用法。注意现在分词与过去分词的区别。 另外,还有现在分词的被动式与完成式的形式。

  分词作定语:Anyone ______(want) to understand the industry of the future will have to know about robotics. wanting

  As research techniques become more advanced, the number of animals _____(use) in experiments may decrease. used

  分词作状语: When ______(present) with a common case, sales managers tend to see sales problems and production managers see production problems. presented

  ________ (tell) that some guests were coming , she shopped all morning in the supermarket. Having been told

  Her body, with hands and feet _______(bind) , was discovered by a traveler early in the morning. bound

  分词做宾补: They may have their passports ______(remove) , making leaving or “escaping” actually impossible. removed

  动名词作宾语:If you cannot understand , ask: “ Would you mind ______(rephrase) the question , please ?” rephrasing

  If we don‘t start out now, we must risk ______(miss) the train.



  The more time you waste, the _____(easy) it is to continue wasting time.easier

  As Jane was the _____(old) , she looked after the other children in the family. eldest


  The explorers were puzzled over what to do next because they were in a _____(trick)situation .


  These electric appliances are all similar in construction but each one is _____(specialize) in its function.

  specialize 是动词,应把它变为形容词 specific或 special


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