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  18. …he burst into a roar of laughter. 他放声大笑起来。

  burst into:(突然)放声(大笑、高唱、痛哭)

  eg : He burst into tears when he heard the news.   


  eg : As soon as Mr. Adams entered, his Chinese colleagues burst into singing:“Happy birthday to you!”


  eg : He burst into tears.   


  eg : He burst into running.   


  19. “……you'll never see it again. His business is with other men’s money.”—— He invests other men's. (Most likely he is a broker-a person who buys and sells things, for example, shares in a business, for other people. Maybe he is a banker or he runs an investment company, or that sort of thing.) .你的那一英镑是拿不回来了,他做的是别人的钱的生意。(前一句话是开开 玩笑,后一句指他是银行家或是经营投资公司。)

  business 生意,商业

  bushiness school商学院  business hours营业时间   go into business从事商业,下海经商

  20.“I think you ought to have toldme, Alan,” said Hughie in a bad temper, “and have let me make such a fool of myself”


  ought to have done sth.: should have done 表示过去应该做而没有做的事(有责备的含义)。

  eg:You should have handed in your paper last week.  


  eg:He ought to have finished his work yesterday.  


  make a fool of oneself: 因干愚蠢的事而丑

  eg:At the party, he drank too much, and made a fool of himself. 


  eg:If you go to the funeral in this dress, you'll make a fool of yourself.


  21. It never entered my mind that you went about giving money awayin that careless manner.



  it never entered my mind / head that:(口语)我从未想到……(表示惊讶)

  eg:It never entered my mind that the much admired TV star was a secret agent.


  go about sth./ doing sth.:做;着手做

  eg:It's a difficult job. I don’t know how to go about it.  


  eg: How is the family going to going about getting the money for the boy's operation?


  give sth. away: to give sth. free of charge白给;赠送

  eg:He gave away all his mother's books away when she died. 


  eg:He gave a lot of his books away to people who need but can not afford them.


  eg:Cf. give sth.to sb. He gave all his books to the school library. 


  不能说:He gave away all his books to the school library.

  22.I can understand your kissing a pretty model, but your giving money to an ugly one——, no!


  Kissing……, giving……动名词的复合结构

  23.“……You know he wasn't in full dress! ……he was in rags. He was not in normal clothes.


  in full dress:礼服,正式场合的穿着(此处指有身份的人一般穿戴的衬衫、西服领带等)。

  eg: He should be in full dress going to such a party.  


  24. He was in the highest spirits after you left; kept laughing to himself and rubbing his old wrinkled hands together.


  in high spirits:情绪、心境很好,情绪高昂

  eg:  The children are in high spirits when they are playing the game.  


  eg:  He is in high spirits when talking about his son.  


  laughing to oneself:对自己乐。 talk to oneself自言自语; think to oneself自思自量。

  25. He'll invest your poud for you, Hughie, pay you the interestevery six months, and have a wonderful story to tell after dinner. 他会用你的那一英镑去投资,每六个月给你付一次利息,茶余饭后把 这件奇闻趣事当故事讲给别人听。(这里特里沃是在善意发取笑休吉,和他开玩笑,那位百万翁究竟会如何回报 那一英镑他也没有想到。)

  invest投资,投入      interest利息

  26. “I'm an unlucky evil…… ”

  devil: (used for emphasis when expressing one's opinion)a person

  a poor devil可怜的人儿   a little devil娇小的人儿

  27.“I shouldn't dare to show my face if people knew ”

  If people knew I had given a pound to a millionaire, how they would laugh at me, and how I  could face their ridicule.

  28.However, Hughie wouldn't stay, but walked home, feeling very unhappy, and leaving Alan Trevorhelpless withlaughter.


  helpless with: unable to control a strong feeling one has

  (做Alan Trevor的补足语)控制不住强烈的情感,如大笑,大怒、绝望等。

  eg:He went away helpless with despair. 


  29. …a card on which was written, “Monsieur Gustave Naudin for M. le BaronHausberg.”


  on which…… 为定语从句,修饰card. We are in a real jam. 我们的麻烦大了。

  for sb.:on behalf of sb.作为……的代表

  eg:Let me say a few words for my school.   


  M是 Monsieur的缩写,le是法语的一个冠词,相当于英语的the.

  30. “I suppose he has come for an apology,”…… “I think the man has come because the Baron wanted me to apologize formy foolish behavior yesterday (giving him one pound),”……


  eg: He went to London for holidays.  


  31.slight French accent

  accent: the way someone pronounces the words of a language, or his intonation showing which country or which part of a country he comes from乡音,口音

  Cf. dialect: a variety of a language spoken only in one area, in which words or one area, in which words or one area, in which words or grammar are slightly different from other forms of the same language方言

  32. Have I the honour ofspeaking to Monsieur Erskine? 您是厄斯金先生吗?

  have the honour of doing sth.:(正式)荣幸……

  eg:I am very happy to have the honour of speaking to you today.  


  eg:At the conference, I had the honour of meeting a number of writers I admire.


  eg: I have the honour of being invited to take part in the party.  


  33.“The Baron,” said the old gentleman with a smile, has commissioned me to bringyou this letter……


  commission sb. to do sth.: to formally ask someone to do sth.正式委托某人做

  34. On the outside was written “A wedding present to Hugh Erskine and Laura Merton, from an old beggar,” and inside was a cheque for ten thousand pounds.


  On the outside was written, inside was a两个并列句均为倒装句。


  35.…… Alan Trevor was thebest man……

  best man: a male friend or relative of a bridegroom who assists him at his wedding男傧相

  Cf.: bridesmaid女傧相

  36. “Millionaire models ” remarked Alan, “are rare enough; but model millionaires are rarer still! ”—— “There is hardly a millionaire who wants to be painted as a beggar; it is even more difficult to find a millionaire who knows how to use his money wisely. ” said Alan.


  此处model一词是双关语: artist's model (画家的模特)和perfect example(模范)。

  are: unusual, not common稀罕的,稀有的,不常见的

  Pandas are rare animals in the world.熊猫是世界上的稀有动物。

  这最后一句话,作者又借画家之口,用一双关词(兼有“模特”与“模范”、“楷模”的意思 ),巧妙发点出了故事的主题思想。百富翁要画家将其画成可怜兮兮的乞丐,竟意想不到发引起一个青年的同情与施舍,青年人的滴水之恩,引来了“老乞丐”的厚报,其人其事令人耳目一新;善良青年自己的生活捉襟见肘,却将最后一个英镑毫不犹疑地给了一个素不相识的乞丐,此举值得称道。什么叫富?家产万贯,却一毛不拔,非富;拥有良田万顷,却为富不仁,更非富有;无论你的财产是多,还是少,只要乐于给予,才是真正富有。


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