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  114. fire解雇catch fire着火set fire to点火

  115. focus…on…使集中,以…为中心

  116. be fond of =like喜欢

  I‘m fond of novels written by D.H Laurence.

  117.look forward to盼望

  We are looking forward to your coming.

  in general in short in a word on the whole总的说来

  118. generation gap代沟

  120. get on/get off上/下车(船…)get on/ along with和…相处

  121. give in屈服,让步give up放弃give off发出

  The gas given off by automobiles is harmful to people‘s health

  Don‘t give up until you succeed.

  He gave in finally under the pressure.

  122. go on to do sth接着做(另一件事)go on doing sth继续做(同一件事)

  go on a diet节食go over复习

  123. grant take…for granted对…想当然,对…习以为常

  We usually take it for granted that the government should work for the welfare (福利) of the people.

  124. grow up成长grown-up成年人

  125. hand in上交hand in hand on one hand一方面

  on the other hand另一方面

  126. hardly几乎不hardly…when…=no sooner…than…刚…。就…。

  The town has changed so quickly that I can hardly recognize it .

  Hardly had we reached home when it began raining.

  127. do good to…对…有益do harm to…对…有害

  128. learn by heart记住lose heart失去信心

  129. can‘t help doing sth禁不住做…

  She couldn‘t help crying when she heard the news that her father passed away

  130. hold hold back控制住(感情等)hold up阻止,妨碍

  131. in a hurry in no hurry

  132. insist从句用should do, should可以省略

  He insisted that we go there together.

  相同用法的词:suggest, order, demand, propose…

  133. instead instead of代替,相反

  I‘m still wondering why he asked John for help instead of Tom.

  134.intend to do想要做

  135.involve…… in……介入,卷入

  I don‘t want to be involved in their quarell.

  135. be keen on热心/热衷于

  136. key/answer to a question solution to a problem(解决问题的)办法

  137. late latest最新的,最近的later…以后latter后者,后半的

  the latest news two years later=after two years

  138. lay放置laid laid

  lie躺lay lain

  说谎lied lied

  139. leave把…忘在…leave out漏掉

  I have left my keys at home.

  140. in light/view of鉴于,由于

  141. likely可能的

  It is likely that computer will come into every family in China in the near future.

  142. live on靠…生活earn one‘s living谋生

  143. be located in =be situated in位于

  144. as long as只要before long不久long before很久以前

  no longer不再long for渴望

  He is longing for the day he could go to the USA.

  You are bound to succeed as long as you keep trying.

  145. look after=take care of look down upon/on看不起,look for寻找

  look into调查look up查(字典)

  146.be made up of=be composed of=be comprised of=consist of由…组成

  make for朝…走去

  147.manage to do设法做了…try to do设法去做…try doing试着做……

  148. manner方式,方法way method means


  149. many a许多(谓语用第三人称单数) a great many许多

  Many a student in our class has seen the film more than three times.

  150. no matter how/ what/where/when/ who…无论如何/什么/哪/何时/谁

  151. take measures/steps/pains to do采取措施…

  152. keep/bear…in mind=remember make up one‘s mind决定

  153. mistake by mistake错误地mistake…。for…把…误当成…。

  I often mistake him for his twin brother.

  154. moment the moment/minute一…就…at the moment

  He said he would inform me the moment he arrived Beijing.

  155. more or less或多或少

  156. mood心情

  be in the mood to do

  I‘m in no mood to read.

  157. mutual相互的,共同的

  mutual understanding mutual benifits

  158. necessary It‘s necessary/important/vital that………从句中用动词原形do

  not necessarily不一定

  159. noon at noon/midnight/8 o‘clock…。

  160. nothing but =only只有

  We can do nothing but wait for help.

  161. now that=since既然

  Now that you‘ve accept the job you’d better devote yourself to it.

  162. a number of一些the number of数量

  163. object to=be opposed to反对

  164. occasion场合,时间on the occasion

  165. occupy占领,占据

  166. not only…but (also)注意:


  2.连接两个句子,not only后用倒装

  Not only the teacher but also the students are all interested in the movie

  Not only the students but also the teacher is interested in the movie.

  Not only should we learn English but we should learn it well.

  167. in one‘s opinion在…看来

  In my opinion, smoking should be banned in public places.

  168. operate on做手术

  169. or和unless

  Get out of the bed, or you‘ll be late for the train.(否则)

  You‘ll be late for the train unless you get out of the bed immediately.(除非)

  170. in order to/that为了


  171. ought to do sth应该

  172. overcome a difficult克服困难

  173. play a part in =play a role in起作用

  take part in=participate in参加

  174. in particular特别地

  175. take place=happen发take the place of代替,取代

  in place/out of place适合的,恰当的/不适合的,不恰当的

  176. plenty of许多,大量~ ~ water ~ ~ books

  177. postpone=put off推迟

  178. prefer更喜欢prefer to do/doing

  prefer doing sth to doing sth

  prefer to do sth rather than do sth

  179. prepare for make preparations for准备

  180. at present目前,当前

  181. prevent…from…keep…from…。

  182. take pride in=be proud of引以为傲

  183. make progress取得进步

  184. pull down拆除

  185. put on穿上put away收好,放好put up with

  186.out of the question不可能out of question没有问题

  Your suggestion is out of the question since we don‘t have enough hands.

  187. rather than而不是other than除了

  188. regret/ remember/forget to do遗憾/记得/忘了要做…。


  189. remind使…想起,使…。记起remind…。of…。 occur想起

  The picture often reminds her of the five years she spent in the village.

  It occurred to me suddenly that I had left my keys at home.

  190. as a result(of)因此(因为)

  As a result of his persistence(毅力),he succeeded in completing his study.

  191. regard/view/think of…as…consider…。(to be)…。把…。看作

  The students all regard him as their friend.

  192. rob sb of sth抢了…steal sb sth偷…。

  193. run into撞上run out (of)=use up用完,耗尽

  My car has run out of gas.

  I used up my money for this month in half a month.

  194. for the sake of为了

  He did all this for the sake of you.

  195. the same…as一样

  She wears the same skirt as yesterday.

  196. see off送行see through看穿,识破

  197. in a sense in a way某种意义上to a extent/degree一定程度上

  In a sense, what he said is important.

  I agree with you to some extent.

  198. sensible理智的sensitive敏感的

  199. set off出发set up=establish建立

  200. be short of=lack缺乏

  201. at first sight乍一看catch sight of看见

  202. be similar to与…相似

  203. so so as to do为了so that为了

  They told me to visit her and I did so.


  205. as soon as一……就…sooner or later迟早

  206. source源头,起源resource资源

  207. stand=put up with=bear=endure=tolerate忍受

  208. stick to坚持

  I stick to my opinion.

  209. subject to遭受

  The family is subjected to the loss of their son.

  210. be superior to好于,优于

  The moon cakes produced by their factory are superior to ours

  211. do your suppose=do you think be supposed to do应该做…

  212. take apart拆开take off起飞take up占领,从事take over接管

  213. at the same time同时from time to time不时地on time准时

  in time及时take one‘s time别着急once upon a time从前

  214. come true实现

  His dream of becoming an electronic engineer came true.

  215. take turns轮流in turn轮流,反过来turn down拒绝

  turn on/off开/关turn out生产,结果是

  We usually take turns while waiting for the bus.

  The help we give to others will in turn give ourselves pleasure.

  The party turned out to be a great success.

  216. until/till到…才

  217. put…to use使用,利用make use of =take advantage of利用use up用完

  218. a variety of = all kinds of许多,各种各样

  There are a large variety of books for you to choose from.

  219. warm up热身

  220. by the way顺便问一下by way of以…。方式in a way某种意义上make one‘s way走,挤

  221. while在…时候,而,尽管

  There is nowhere for him to use his money, while I have no money to use.

  While there are many difficulties, we are confident to carry out the plan.

  222. will意志,遗言

  223. in other words换句话说,即in a word总而言之

  keep one‘s word遵守诺言

  224. work out算出,理解,明白put forward提出

  He didn‘t work out the last question in the exam.

  He put forward a solution to the problem at the meeting.

  225. be worth doing be worthy of doing值得

  The novel is worth reading.

  The issue(问题)is worthy of considering.

  226. yet多用于否定,疑问句中,放在动词后



  He hasn‘t finished his breakfast yet.

  He doesn‘t understand yet.

  She still doesn‘t understand

  He is still in bed.

  227. leave sth some where把…忘在…

  He had left his text books in the classroom.


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