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  According to the American Automobile Association,    1       1964 all cars sold in the United Sates have been equipped   2   seat belts.   (These are also called safety belts.)  Many studies of automobile accidents have shown that safety belts can save lives.  One study showed that forty percent of those     3      in auto accidents     4       saved if they had been wearing seat belts.

  Unfortunately belts are worn only by     5     percentage of drivers and passengers—about fifteen percent in cities, and only nine percent in small towns. And safety belts cannot protect people who do not wear them.

  Advertisements have been printed         6        newspapers and magazines in order to teach people the importance of using seat belts. But these advertisements have not helped     7     . Some people believe there should be a law    8    drivers and passengers to use safety belts,  in Australia,    9    there is such a law, deaths    10     auto accidents have decreased twenty-four percent.

  1) A. from   B. as   C. since   D. after

  2) A. of    B. with   C. to   D. at

  3) A. killed   B. killing   C. to kill   D. to be killed

  4) A. must be    B. must have been    C. could be    D. could have been

  5) A. small   B. a small   C. large   D. a large

  6) A. on   B. at   C. in   D. by

  7) A. very   B. many   C. lot   D. much

  8) A. require   B. required   C. requiring   D. to require

  9) A. which   B. that   C. when   D. where

  10) A. in   B. of   C. from   D. out of


  1)C  since做介词/连词引导的词语(短语或从句),常常与现在完成时连用表示持续。

  2)B  be equipped with“装配有”,固定搭配。

  3)A  killed in auto accident是过去分词短语修饰前面的those.

  4)D  虚拟语气。

  5)B  a small percentage of…“小部分的……”,习惯用法。

  6)C  “在报纸上”,译成英文必须说“in newspapers”。

  7)D  不定式much做宾语。   e.g. My mother meant much to me.

  8)C  现在分词短语做定语,修饰law.

  9)D  非限定性定语从句,由where引导。

  10)A  在第一段最后一句已提到those killed in auto accidents.


  My formula for staying young is simple:Concentrate    1    the part of you that‘s young and growing your brain.Keep your mind awake and you’ll stay young all over.These are exciting times.Take an interest   2

  the world around you,and make a point    3    learning at least one new thing every day.

  Regardless    4    your age,it‘s not too late to make your life more interesting. I know a housewife with no previous knowledge who made herself     5    an outstanding industrial designer; I know a retired electrical engineer who has become a highly paid artist.

  6     the notion that you are ever     7    old to go back to school.I know a man who entered medical college at 70.He got his degree with honors and became an eminent physician.    8    man went to law school at  71   and is now an active lawyer.

  9     years,staying young is easy for these who live in the future. You can do it if you care enough to try. Keep your mind awake all active;that‘s the only youth elixir(万灵药)    10    to work……

  1)A. in   B.on   C.to   D.at

  2)A. with   B. on   C. of   D. in

  3)A. with   B. at   C. of   D. in

  4)A. in   B. of    C. with    D. to

  5)A. into   B. to   C. as    D. for

  6)A. Get through    B. Get around    C. Get over    D. Get out of

  7)A. enough    B. so    C. such    D. too

  8)A. Another    B. Other    C. The other    D. Others

  9)A. In spite    B. Despite of    C. In spite of    D. In despite of

  10)A. guarantee    B. guaranteeing    C. to guarantee    D. guaranteed


  1)B  concentrate on “集中精力”,固定搭配。

  2)D  take an interest in“对……发生兴趣”,固定搭配。

  3)C  make a point of“特别注意”,固定搭配。make a point of learning at least one new thing every day意为“特别注意要每天至少学一样新东西”。

  4)B  regardless of“不管”,固定搭配。

  5)A  make…into“使变为,使成为”。  e.g.  working in the kitchen made his boy into a good cook.在厨房工作使这个男孩成为好厨师。

  6)C  get over“忘掉”,固定搭配。

  7)D  这句话的意思是:忘掉这一说法-你太老了,不能再回学校上学了。

  8)A  另一个人another man.

  9)C  in spite of“尽管”,固定搭配。

  10)D  guaranteed to work,过去分词短语做elixir的定语。


  Mr. Russell and his wife live in Indianapolis, a city in     1     state of Indiana. Mr. Russell seems healthy and strong. There doesn‘t seem to be     2     unusual about him. However, he is a     3     special person. A few years ago, Mr. Russell was given a second heart.

  You have probably read something about this wonderful discovery.       4      modern science. Doctors have discovered how to give a new heart to persons who suffer     5     heart disease. The new heart is taken from a person who    6    just died. It is transplanted immediately into the body of someone    7    needs it. The operation is not always successful. Several people have died after heart transplants because    8     bodies rejected the new hearts.

  Some people with heart transplants become strong and healthy again,     9     Mr. Russell is one of those

  lucky    10    .

  1) A. a   B. this   C. that   D. the

  2) A. something   B. nothing   C. anything   D. everything

  3) A. much   B. very much   C. very   D. many

  4) A. of   B. with   C. at   D. for

  5) A. with   B. at   C. of    D. from

  6) A. have   B. has   C. had   D. (no word is needed)

  7) A. Which   B. who   C. where   D. when

  8) A. his   B. her   C. their   D. one‘s

  9) A. more over   B. as a result   C. therefore   D. however

  10) A. ones   B. one   C. person   D. peoples


  1)D  美国的洲名前用定冠词the.如the State of California.

  2)C  否定句中要用anything作不定指示代词;肯定句中用something或everything.

  3)C  英语的词序:副词放在所修饰的形容词前;本题只有very是副词词性,故只能选C.

  4)A  of表示所属,意为“……的”。this wonderful discovery Of modern science意为“现代科学的惊人发现”。

  5)D  suffer from“忍受……”,固定搭配。

  6) B  定语从句修饰的是单数名词a person,故答案A是错误的;本句的主句陈述的是现在发生的事实,因而从句也应是与现在有关的时态,故答案C也是错误的;排除A,C后,应辨析B,D 从而选出最佳答案。B,现在完成时,表示刚刚发生过的动作,时间距离较近;D,一般过去时,表示过去发生的事情距今时间较远。根据上下文和常识判断,只有刚死去的人的心脏才可能被移植,故而本题最佳答案应选B.

  7)B  who引导的定语从句修饰前边的名词a person.

  8)C  此处限定词应与主语的数一致,所以A,B,D均不对。

  9)D  however前带逗号并置于句尾,成为表示转折的连词。

  10)A  “那些”those后要加复数名词,故B,C不对。而D的意思是各种少数民族(“人”的复数是People),



  Have you ever arrived  1   a new place and said, “I‘ve seen  2    place before”? Have you ever met someone and said, “I’ve seen this person before”? Most of us get that feeling   3   .

  Many years ago Dante Gabriel Rossetti, an English Poet, wrote a poem      4     this feeling. In the poem Rossetti tells about meeting a woman and   5   he has met her before. He thinks he loved her a long time  6  . Here are some lines from the poem, which he called Sudden Light:

  I    7   here before,

  But when or how I cannot tell

  I know the grass beyond the door,

  The sweet keen smell,

  The   8   sound, the lights around the shore.

  You have been   9   before

  How long    10    , I may not know …

  1) A. at   B. in   C. to   D. for

  2) A. it   B. this   C. that   D. its

  3) A. some times   B. some time   C. sometime   D. sometimes

  4) A. on   B. for   C. about   D. at

  5) A. thinks   B. think   C. thinking   D. to think

  6) A. before   B. since  C. ever   D. ago

  7) A. was  B. am  C. have been  D. had been

  8) A. sighing   B. sigh   C. to sigh   D. be sighing

  9) A. my   B. me   C. I  D. mine

  I0) A. before   B. ago   C. past   D. since


  1)A  arrive at… 到达……地方,固定搭配。

  2)B  指上句中的a few place.

  3)D  sometimes副词,“有时”;some time“某一时间段”,常与介词for连用;sometime“某一时刻”。

  4)C  a poem about关于……的诗。

  5)C  谓语tell about后有两个事实:meeting a woman和thinking…

  6)D  ago与before的区别:ago从现在算起的以前;before从过去某一时间起的以前,跟目前不发生关系。

  7)C  现在完成时表示“曾经”。

  8)A  现在分词singing修饰sound,意为“叹息之声”。

  9)D  物主代词mine ,此句意思是“你曾经为我所拥有”。

  10)B  ago,注释见6)。



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