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  Lesson Ten The Tenth Man 1. making his first entry……第一次进入。

  另如:make a triumpohant entry凯旋进入;have free entry 可以自由进入。

  2. abrupt : subben or unexpected 突然。

  如:an abrupt departure 突然离开。

  3. sullen : showing irritation or anger by a gloomy silence愠怒的。

  4. indifferent: without interest or concern漠不关心,不在乎。

  如: He seems indifferent to worldly success .他似乎不在乎名利。

  5. draw or cast lots: to settle a question by the use of lots抽签。

  6. be bound to do sth. bound: certain, sure 肯定。

  如:We are bound to secceed . 我们肯定会成功。

  7. refasten : re + fasten fasten : to attach firmly or securely in place or to something else系牢,牢牢固定,绑住。

  如:Please fasten your seat belt .请系牢你的安全带。

  fasten a boat to the quay 把船系于码头。

  8. may as well: used to express an opinion about a reason for doing or not doing the action of the given verb还是做……的好;不妨……

  如: If that‘s the case , you may as well have a try . 如果情况果真如此,你不妨试试看。

  Now that you‘re here, you may as well make yourself useful . 既然你在这里,你还是可以派上用场的。

  9. mock : fun of 嘲笑。

  如:His writings mocked the follies of the age .他的著作嘲笑了那个时代的愚蠢。

  The naught boy mocked his queer accent .淘汰的男孩嘲笑他奇怪的口音。

  His irresponsibilty mocked my trust in him .他的不负责任嘲弄了我对他的信任。

  10. nag at: be a constant source of unease or irritation to使苦恼不己。

  如:The debt nagged at his conscience . 债务让他的良心痛苦不己。

  11. narrow: limit, or restrict限制。

  如:The detectives narrowed the search to just three suspects . 侦探将调查对象限制到三个嫌犯。


  如:The gap between the rich and the poor should be narrowed .贫富的差距应该缩小。

  12. consent : to permit, approve, or agree 同意,批准。

  如:My father didn‘t consent to our agreement at first .我父亲最初不同意我们结婚。

  We consented to a temporany agreement . 我们达成临时协议。

  by common consent 经一致同意。

  13. implore : beg urgently ; beseech恳求。

  如: I implored your forgiveness .我恳求你宽恕我。

  She implored him for mercy .她恳求他宽容她。

  We implored him to stay on .我们恳求他再呆下去。

  14. sum up:总结。

  如: We summed up merits and demerits of the scheme . 我们总结了这个计划的优缺点。

  Could you sum up the main points of the lesson?你能否总结本课的要点?

  Lesson Twelve Why I Write 1. outrage: v. offend greatly触犯,违反。如:outrage common sense 违反常识。

  2. sooner or later:迟早。如:Sooner or later , you will get yourselves deeply involved in trouble.  你迟早会让自己陷入麻烦之中。He would, sooner or later, realize the importance of… 他迟早会意识到……的重要性。

  3. somewhat : in some measure or degree; to some extent. 往往后跟形容词。 如:

  The result was somewhat surprising. 结果有些让人感到吃惊。 He looked somewhat annoyed. 他显得有些不高兴。

  4. facility : ability to perform something easily灵巧,便利,熟练。如: He translated sth with great facility.他翻译时驾轻就熟。He showed facility in painting. 他在画画方面显得很熟练。

  5. narcissism :自恋,(精神分析)自我陶醉症。Narcissus (希腊神话)(爱上自己映在水中姿影的美少年,溺死后化为水仙花。)

  6. filter through : pass or slip through slowly渗出,(光等)漏出透至。如:The new ideas are filtering into the children‘s minds.孩子们脑中出现了新的思想。Sunlight filtered through the window.  夕阳从窗户透进房间。Foreign influence began to filter into the country.外国的影响开始渗透进我国。

  7. meticulous :taking or showing extreme care about small details. 过分仔细的。如:She is meticulous in her dress. 她对衣服极其在意。He is very meticulous in checking his accounts. 他在查帐方面非常仔细。Our meticulous secretary never forgets anything . 我们仔细的秘书从不会忘记什么。

  8. arresting: attracting attention ; striking.迷人的。如:a person of arresting good looks有迷人的面貌的人。An arresting sight一个引人注目的景象。

  9. assess : evaluate 评估。如; assess the importance of …/the value of …评估…

  …的重要性/ 价值; assess the situation  审时度势。assessment n . 10. discipline : train and control the mind控制。如:You should learn to discipline yourself more.  你应该学会更好地控制自己。

  11. vary from …to…随着……而变化。如:Prices of vegetables vary from season to season。 蔬菜价格随季节变化而变化。Opinions vary from individual to individual. 仁者见仁,智者见智。

  12. strive after, for / against: to struggle hard to get or conquer 为……奋斗。

  如:strive for freedom / excellence 追求自由/ 卓越。

  13. outweigh: to be more important than比………更重要,胜过。 如:My love for my parents outweighs everything else. 我对父母的爱重于一切。 Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages ? 有利因素大于不利因素吗?

  14. guise : general outside appearance 外观。如: an old idea in a new guise 新瓶装旧酒。 in the guise of…… 打扮。 如: a thief in the guise of a salesman 打扮成推销员的小偷。

  15. reconcile my ingrained likes and dislikes with… a. reconcile : accept or be resigned to something not desired.使和解,调解; 使能安于,将就接受。如: He had to reconcile himself to his fate . 他必须接受自己的命运。 reconcile work and rest 劳逸结合。 He could not reconcile himself to such a low position . 他不能安于这样低的地位。 reconcile one‘s ideal with reality 使理想与实际一致。 b. ingrained根深蒂固的。如: ingrained morality 根深蒂固的德行。


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