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  Lesson Five 1. I‘d rather …… than : prefer …… to …… .如:I’d rather deal with a simple man than a sophisticated man . 我宁愿与纯朴的人打交道,不愿与世故的人交往。

  I had rather never have been born than see this day of humiliation. 我宁愿自己未曾出生,也不愿遭受今天的耻辱。

  I would (had ) rather ……但愿(+that 从句中用过去式)。

  如:I would rather he didn‘t tell her about it .我真希望他不告诉她这件事。

  I had rather you did it alone . 但愿你一人做。

  2. handicap : 1) any disadvantage that makes success more difficult . 不利的因素。

  如:Bad health is a handicap. 身体不好是不利因素。

  His lack of English is a great handicap to him .他不懂英语对他是一大缺陷。

  2 ) a physical or mental disability残疾。

  如:Blindness is a great handicap.眼瞎是一大残疾。

  3. at once at the same time ; simultaneously 同时。

  如:It‘s hard for one to do two things at once .人很难同时做两件事。

  4. eliminate: get rid of ; remove 消除。

  如:to eliminate poverty根除贫穷; eliminate the prejudice消除偏见。

  5. brainwash洗脑。

  如:Don‘t let television commercials brainwash you into buying anything you actually don’t need .别让电视广告引诱你购买自己实际不需要的东西。

  6. invariably : always 常常,总是。

  如:It‘s invariably wet when they take their holidays . 他们度假时总是下雨。

  His intuition is invariably correct . 他的直觉总是对的。

  7. campaign : a connect set of actions to obtain a particular result in politics or business (社会,政治,选举)运动;游说,宣传活动。

  如:an election campaign选举活动;an advertising campaign 广告宣传;a compaign to combat crime防止犯罪运动。

  8. stereotype : a conventional , oversimplified conception陈腔滥调;陈规,老套,固定的现象。

  如:He fits the stereotype of a ‘scholar’ . 他是典型的‘’学者‘’。 The idea is an old-fashioned stereotype .这观点是老一套了。

  9. predominate: be superior in numbers , etc. 占多数的。

  如:Greens predominated in the picture .绿色植物是画中最醒目的。

  presominate over胜过。

  10. mold: work into a requied shape or from塑造。

  如:Statues are molded out of bronze .雕像是用青铜铸成的。

  He molded his style on the best writers . 他以第一流作者为榜样塑造了自己的文体。

  Lesson Six 1. keep in touch with: contact保持联系。

  如;Let‘s keep in touch . 让我们保持联系吧。

  Keep in close touch with me . 与我保持密切联系。

  2.(be) in for : certain to undergo 不能避免。

  如:The naughty boy is in for a beating . 淘气的男孩免不了要挨打。

  We are in for a rainy season .我们不可避免要遭遇雨季。

  It looks as if we‘re in for stormy weather .看那样子,似乎我们一定会遇到暴风雨。

  3. reference: a mention, allusion 提及。

  如:The court made numerous references to him as a witness. 法院经常传他去做证人。

  4. in good spirits:情绪很好。

  spirits : [plural] mood with regard to great happiness or great sadness情绪。

  如:I hope you will be in better spirits when we meet again.我希望我们下次见面时你情绪会好些。

  He is so depressed that I wonder who could lift his spirits.他非常沮丧,我不知他能否振作起来。

  5. embitter : make bitter and angry使……怨恨。

  如;being scolded without good reasons embittered him . 让人无端指责,他感到一腔怨气。

  en- , em (在b ,p 前)加在名词或形容词上转成动词。

  另如:enable(使能够); enamor 引起……的爱;encase将……装入箱中;enchant 施以魔法,使着迷。

  embody具体体现; empower授权; emotionally使成紫色。

  6. agitate: to disturb or excite emotionally 使不安,使兴奋。

  如:His fiery speech agitated the crowd . 他的激情演讲让听众大为兴奋。

  He was explaining the situation in an agitated manner . 他兴奋地说明着当时的情形。

  agitate oneself over……为……独自焦虑。

  如:Don‘t agitate yourself over such a thing .不要为这种事焦虑。

  7. know of his whereabouts知道他的下落。

  a ) know of: have heard about 听说过,知道(有……)。

  如:Do you know of any cinema in this neighborhood?


  I know of a shop where you can get things like this . 我知道有一家商店,你可以买到这样的东西。

  I don‘t know him, but I know of him .我不认识他,但知道有这个人。

  b ) whereabouts: the place where a person or thing is 下落,去向。

  如:I‘m still in the dark about his whereabouts.我仍然不知道他的下落。

  8. inch : move by small degrees缓慢行进。

  如:The children inched through the traffic . 孩子们在拥挤的交通中缓慢前进。

  I inched my way through the narrow space beeen the trucks . 9. tentative: a) of the nature of an experiment 试验性的;b ) unsure , not definite , hesitant 犹豫。

  a tentative arrangrment 临时安排/a tentative offer试验性建议10. scoff at: mock at; jeer at:嘲笑,嘲弄。

  如:You should not scoff at others‘ belief. 你不能嘲笑别人的信仰。

  11. end up: reach a final state or condition 最后(有了某种结局),最后。

  如:If you drive so rashly, you will end up in hospital .如果你这么鲁莽开车,最终会住进医院的。

  He ended up tired and broke . 他最后累垮了,破产了。

  12. associate with: keep company with与……陪伴。

  如:He didn‘t allow his daughter to associate with anyone who smoked or drank.他不让他女儿与任何抽烟或喝酒的人为伍。

  Whitman always assoisated with the working masses.惠特曼总是和工人阶级在一起。



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