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  Ⅰ。重写句子(15 points, 1.5 points each)

  Revise the following sentences according to the requirement.

  Example: The history of English words is the history of our civilization in many ways.(periodic sentence)

  In many ways, the history of English words is the history of our civilization.

  1.Alan did not know that he had won the race until he crossed the line and felt the tape snap against his chest.(periodic sentence)

  2.We cannot settle our differences without violence. Our so-called civilized society will not survive.(complex sentence)

  3.Don Hall who is a reporter works for our local newspaper.(simple sentence)

  4.The intense snowstorm delayed our flight. We managed to check into a motel. It was just a mile from the airport. (compound-complex sentence)

  5.Louis was eyeing the perfume. She was carrying a purse. The purse was already open. The clerk turned around. Louis put the perfume in the purse. The store manager told the judge that he had seen it all.(long sentence)

  6.The film was over. We had dinner at an expensive restaurant. (simple sentence)

  7.Tina bought a new car only last week. It has faulty brakes and a leaky exhaust system.(complex sentence)

  8.Many people choose travel by air. It is fast. It offers convenience. It is not very expensive.(parallel structure)

  9.You decide to buy a new car. Read the latest consumer reports. You may save yourself a great deal of time and trouble. (compound-complex sentence)

  10.Jane walked out of his life, bursting into tears as she left the room.(periodic sentence)

  Ⅱ。改写病句(15 points ,3 points each)

  Correct the errors in the following sentences.

  Example: After seeing an offensive mouthwash ad on television. I resolved never to buy that brand again.

  After seeing an offensive mouthwash ad on television, I resolved never to buy that brand again.

  11.I hear that the view from the Sears Tower in Chicago is magnificent, I have never visited it.

  12.Our school‘s computers are more advanced than your school.

  13.To answer a phone call politely, your tone of voice must be carefully controlled.

  14.You should strive to cooperate with your co-workers to improve communication, for furthering professional development and to bring about change.

  15.He has always and will always exert himself for the highest honors.

  Ⅲ。标出主题句(15 points, 5 points each)

  16.Choose the best topic sentence from the group below. Write the choice in the blank.

  A. Some women continue their careers after marriage.

  B. My sister is a housewife with two children.

  C. Modern marriage is quite different from the traditional marriage of my grandparents.

  D. Our grandparents have their own view on marriage.


  17.Read the following paragraph and underline the topic sentence.

  The central symbol for Canada is undoubtedly survival, a multi-faceted and adaptable idea. For early explorers and settlers, it meant bare survival in the face of ‘hostile’ elements and natives: carving out a place and a way of keeping alive. But the word can also suggest survival of a crisis or disaster, like a hurricane or a wreck, and many Canadian poems have this kind of survival as a theme; what you might call ‘grim’ survival as opposed to ‘bare’ survival. For French Canada after the English took over it became cultural survival, hanging on as a people, retaining a religion and a language under an alien government. And in English Canada now while the Americans are taking over it is acquiring a similar meaning. There is another use of the word as well: a survival can be a vestige(痕迹) of a vanished order which has managed to persist after its time is past, like a primitive reptile. This version crops up in Canadian thinking too, usually among those who believe that Canada is obsolete.

  18.Read the following paragraph carefully and select the best topic sentence from the four possible answers that follow the paragraph.

  Topic Sentence:______________________

  Before planting, check to see if the tree roots are moist; if they are not, soak them in water for two or more hours until they appear soggy. While the roots are soaking, find a sunny spot in which to plant the tree. The soil should be a dark brown color-indicating that it is rich in nutrients. If the soil is in poor condition, mix in peat moss or potting soil. Next, dig a hole big enough to allow the tree roots room to spread out. Place the tree in the hole and, while holding the tree straight, fill in the hole with dirt; pack the dirt lightly. Water the tree every day for a week so that the roots can take hold in the ground.

  A. We should consider the color of the soil before we transplant a tree.

  B. To transplant a tree, we check the tree‘s roots first, then find a sunny spot with soil rich in nutrients and finally dig a hole to place the tree in it.

  C. A botanical garden is a garden where a wide range of plants are grown for scientific research and educational purposes.

  D. Successfully transplanting a tree requires careful attention to details.

  Ⅳ。重新组合段落(5 points, i point each)

  Rearrange the following numbered sentences so that they will read logically. Put the numbers in proper sequence in the boxes provided below.

  19.Coaches and athletes often feel tension before big games because they do not want to commit errors that might cause their teams to lose.

  20.There are many situations which cause pressure and tension to build up inside of us.

  21.We suffer from fear of making an embarrassing mistake during the performance.

  22.Performing in front of an audience commonly produces pressure.

  23.Mnay of us also experience tension when we are among new people.

  24.I feel tension right now as I write this paragraph because I want it to be the best paragraph I‘ve written this semester.

  25.In such situations, we become quiet out of fear that other people will label us as “loud mouths”。

  26.No matter how har we try to avoid pressure and tension, there will inevitably be times when breathing becomes hard and fear gets a grip on us that is difficult to loosen.

  23 25 19

  Ⅴ。标出与段落内容无关的句子(10 points)

  Read the following paragraph and cross out the irrelevant sentences.

  As her wedding date approached, I think that I was almost as excited as my sister. She claims she did not sleep at all the week before the wedding, and I don‘t really think I did either. Usually I go to bed about 10∶30 and sleep until around 7:30. I know that at least two of those nights we sat up all night reviewing plans, checking to see that we had done everything on our “to do” list. Two days before the wedding, my excitement had reached such a peak that I didn’t even eat. I usually enjoy eating a lot of candies every day. Maybe I had borrowed love from my sister and was living on it. but I just went sailing through the day, full of energy and not the least bit hungry. On the day of the wedding, I was up at 4:30 in the morning, shouting at everyone to get up, this was the day. I even began to get dressed for the wedding an hour before my sister did. And after I was dressed in my bridesmaid‘s gown, I couldn’t sit down. I just paced the floor - for an entire hour. I don‘t think I could take having a sister get married very often.

  Ⅵ。写信(40 points)

  Write a letter of thanks according to the following situation. Once you were ill and were hospitalized for a few weeks in the Chaoyang Medical Center, Taiyuan, Shanxi province. During your stay the entire staff were kind to you. When you came back home, you wrote them a letter of thanks. In your letter, tell them how you feel now, and thank them for all they did for you. You also give them your best wishes and hope to keep in touch with them.(150-200 words)?



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