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  Ⅰ。Make the best choice to complete the following sentences. (20%)

  1.“En route” means ______.

  A. in the way B. nearby

  C. on the way D. by way

  2.If you ______,you leave your native country to live in another country.

  A. immigrate B. travel

  C. emigrate D. fill out the form

  3.______ is the place where passengers either get on or get off the planes.

  A. Traffic controller B. Control tower

  C. Runaway D. Departure

  4.An______ card may also be called a disembarkation or arrival card.

  A. embarkation B. immigration

  C. emigration D. information for customers

  5.______ of a modern jet airliner is responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew and the aircraft.

  A. The pilot B. The captain

  C. The crew D. copilot

  6.The place where the pilot sits is ______.

  A. cabin B. cockpit

  C. flight deck D. hallway

  7.______ means to fly in and out of that airport.

  A. “To serve an airport” B. “To fund”

  C. “To leave” D. “To renovate”

  8.______ is the place one goes to.

  A. Restaurant B. Destination

  C. airport D. trip

  9.______ is the percentage of rooms or beds that are occupied at certain time or over a period of time.

  A. Occupancy rate B. Commision

  C. Production rate D. Rate

  10.“Motel ”comes from______.

  A. mutton and telephone B. milk and hotel

  C. meat and hotel D. motor and hotel

  11.______ means that the customers were satisfied and are coming back for more services.

  A. Repeat business B. Recreation business

  C. Old D. New

  12.One of the advantages of a packaged tour is ______.

  A. economy B. safety

  C. interesting D. many scenes to see

  13.European plan means ______.

  A. hotel and travel arrangements without meals

  B. hotel and travel arrangements with meals

  C. travel arrangements with meals

  D. travel arrangements without meals

  14.______ can also mean eating certain foods and not others because of illness or weight problems.

  A. Dishes B. Menu

  C. Diets D. Order

  15.______ include roads, sewers, electricity, telephones, and water supplies.

  A. Accomodations B. Promotions

  C. Hospitality facilities D. Support facilities

  16.______ shop is the place where national passengers can buy many things without paying the taxes a country places on these or imported goods.

  A. Duty-free B. Free

  C. Dutiable D. The grocer‘s

  17.“Unpack”means ______.

  A. to put things into a suitcase B. carry things

  C. to take things out of a suitcase D. to collect things

  18.“Cooped up” means______.

  A. called up B. cooked

  C. limited D. shut up in one place

  19.To be profitable, the hotel must make enough money to cover all of its expenses. Here the underlined word can be replaced by:

  A. hide B. pay

  C. make up for D. consider

  20.Ms.Singer has a good ______ of the language.

  A. knowledge B. command

  C. book D. instinct

  Ⅱ。Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Write T for True and F for false.(20%)

  1.People usually makes reservations at a resort several weeks in advance. 2.A doorman‘s main job is to know the city well.

  3.Registration is important for two reasons. One of them is the hotel‘s income is from payments by guests for the use of the hotel.

  4.Accommodations industry is also called hospitality industry.

  5.A bellman is a person who rings the bell.

  6.A concierge‘s duties include making sure that guests get the tours and other activities they have requested.

  7.The listing of routes for a tour is called the timetable.

  8.Retail travel agents usually serve small groups.

  9.A CIT tour is always packaged for large groups of people with the same destinations and different interests.

  10.One important source for tourism statistics is the information card filled out by the agency.

  11.One aim of the tourism department is to induce tourism evenly throughout the year so that there will not be too many tourists during one season and too few during another.

  12.Advertising campaigns and promotions are used to arouse visitor‘s interest in traveling to the country.

  13.The function of CAB is to promote at transportation with the country and between the United States and other countries.

  14.The International Air Transportation Association is not a voluntary association of international airlines that set routes, faires and other standards of service.

  15.When a room is available, it means it is not occupied.

  16.The tourist industry is also called hospitality industry.

  17.All flight attendants must be able to give first-aid.

  18.The pilot is the only person who can decide if weather and other conditions are safe enough to try a landing.

  19.Concierge is a German word meaning doorkeeper.

  20.One of the advantages of a packaged tour is accessibility.

  Ⅲ。Match each word or phrase in the column on the left with its meaning in the column on the right. (15%)

  1.souvenir a. a trip on which the passenger returns to the starting point

  2.hobby?b. to struggle against another person, business or country to gain something

  3.handicraft c. trust

  4.embroidered d. hidden

  5.tenant e. a person who rents

  6.to display f. something that helps to bring back memories

  7.alert g. careful

  8.concealed h. leisure activity

  9.to compete?i. airlines that connect smaller cities and towns with each other or with

  major cities and airports

  10.confidence?j. a time when tourists do not come to an area either because of weather conditions or because it is not a usual vacation time

  11.to charter k. to rent

  12.feeder lines l. to show

  13.labour-intensive?m. something made by hand that requires a special skill, usually done in the

  custom or tradition of a country

  14.off season?n. have a high proportion of workers as compared to the number of people


  15.round trip o. decorated with specially sewn stitches

  Ⅳ。Choose a correct word or phrase to complete each of the following sentences (10%) a. experienced h. affect

  b. tremendous i. intended

  c. sightseers j. represent

  d. deal with k. frequently

  e. volume

  f. cruise

  g. regulations

  1.There are special classes for tour guides to help them understand and ______ tourists.

  2.To improve his English, he listens while the tour guides tell______ about the places they are seeing.

  3.He is an ______ driver, which means that he has had practice driving in many different or difficult situations.

  4.Because tours are so important, the tourism department has strict ______ about the businesses that operate the tours and the people who work for them.

  5.Passenger service has been cut sharply or eliminated on many routes ______ because of the growth in air travel for long distances and in bus travel for short trips.

  6.Wherever they go and whatever they do, the information members ______ their country.

  7.Because of the amount of money we save by working in______,we can offer our tours at lower prices.

  8.The person who takes a ______ is traveling for pleasure and does not need to arrive at destination quickly.

  9.Cruises are ______ for pleasure rather than for quick travel.

  10.The way tourists are treated by immigration officials can ______ their ideas and feelings about a country.

  Ⅴ。Answer the following questions according to the content of the Reading(20%)

  1.What is the most important job of a flight attendant?(2分)

  2.Why is tourism a big business?(3分)

  3.Why do passengers have to remain in their seats with their seat belts fastened until they come to the gate of the terminal?(3分)

  4.Why do countries tax products purchased abroad?(3分)

  5.Why is it helpful for tourists to be able to exchange money at the airport when they arrive?(4分)

  6.When does a reservation in a hotel occur?(2分)

  7.How is tourism valuable to a country?(3分)

  Ⅵ。Translate the following sentences or phrases into English.(15%)







  Ⅰ。Make the best choice to complete the following sentences. (20%)

  1.“Shangri-La” comes from ______.

  A. French B. the Miaos

  C. Tibetan D. Korean

  2.Main components of the Internet contain ______.

  A. WWW B. E-commerce

  C. Router D. ISP

  3.Please do not ______ us should you require further assistance.

  A. hesitate to contact B. hesitate contacting

  C. ask D. contact

  4.‘Social impact’ equals to ______.

  A. social corruption B. social benefit

  C. social influence D. social impression

  5.The word “advertise” is derived from the Latin word“advertere”。The underlined phrase means ______.

  A. comes from B. is translated from

  C. is taken from D. is copied from

  6.Reservations are ______ receipt of one night‘s deposit being received at the hotel 60 days prior to the group’s arrival.

  A. for B. subject to

  C. owing to D. ready to

  7.As mentioned previously, further details ______ the Cycle will be furnished shortly.

  A. for B. concerning

  C. with D. as

  8.Internet enables universities to share files.“enables” means.______.

  A. prevents B. permits

  C. allows D. makes possible

  9.The Internet is ______.

  A. ever-changing B. stable

  C. fixed D. copying itself

  10.We are outlining the extent the Internet is used in different countries at the outset of the 21st century for ready reference. The underlined word means ______.

  A. closing B. completion

  C. beginning D. end

  11.The relationship between Internet and e-commerce is ______.

  A. one-way B. two-way

  C. non-existent D. less

  12.C2B stands for ______.

  A. clients to business B. clients to clients

  C. business to clients D. business to business

  13.Problems and setbacks of the Internet include _____.

  A. crimes and playing games B. over-indulgence and hackers

  C. crimes and chatting too much D. rumour-spreading

  14.Electronic business may appear to be very lucrative. The underlined word means ______.

  A. profitable B. disappointing

  C. promising D. attractive

  15.These problems are bound to be resolved .“be bound to” refers to ______.

  A. are possible B. are certain to

  C. are difficult D. are easy

  16.Two of the basic building blocks to the Internet are ______.

  A. Connections and Chips B. Connections and RAM

  C. Clients and Connections D. Hosts and Cables

  17.A staple in Main Street, here ‘staple’ refers to ______.

  A. view B. product

  C. an important part D. statue

  18.With the influx of visitors, problems ______.

  A. cropped up B. cropped

  C. disappeared D. were settled

  19.In Legal English,______ is used, among other things.

  A. long and loose structure

  B. short but complex structure

  C. prepositional phrases and nominals

  D. long structures and declarative sentences

  20.Concisenes means ______.

  A. brevity B. use of superfluous elements

  C. ambiguity D. vividness

  Ⅱ。Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Write T for True and F for false.(20%)

  1.Transportation provides the movements of goods.

  2.The signature is the last and the least part of an agreement.

  3.The occurrences of punctuation in legal English are few.

  4.It is important for the legal documents to be precise in diction.

  5.The tourist industry is also called hospitality industry.

  6.The advertising is aimed at maintaining current sales level.

  7.The use of such expression as “the Best Choice” can be regarded as reminder-oriented advertising.

  8.The factual approach is an indirect way of advertising.

  9.“Hand in hand” can be used to show affection for each other and the common aspiration of working together.

  10. The style of a business letter should be inconsistent.

  11.Every well-constructed business letter is made up of six essential parts, the heading, the inside address, the enclosure, the body of the letter, the complimentary close and the signature.

  12.The Indented Form is the most traditional form.

  13.Business letters tend to use formal words.

  14.Essential qualities of a business letter include promptness.

  15.In the complimentary close of a business letter, you would use “Yours”。

  16.The title of an agreement can be put on the left of the page.

  17.An agreement only involves two parties.

  18.In legal English post modifiers are frequently used for precious English.

  19.It is quite usual to see the same word repeated in legal English for the sake of exactness.

  20.There are several parts for an agreement .They are the title, the preamble, the text and the signature.

  Ⅲ。Match each word or phrase in the column on the left with its meaning in the column on the right. (15%)

  1.to refund a. use

  2.utility b. near

  3.accessible c. unacceptable

  4.habitat d. to become worse

  5.objectionable e. say again

  6.to deteriorate?f. The area or type of environment in which an organism or ecological community normally lives or occurs:

  7.to reiterate g. various

  8.perplexing h. can not be changed or stopped

  9.miscellaneous i. puzzling

  10.cordially j. flourish

  11.irrevocable k. before

  12.in lieu of l. warmly

  13.vestige m. payback

  14.to boom n. trace

  15.prior to o. in place of

  Ⅳ。Choose a correct word or phrase to complete each of the following sentences. (9%)

  a. assure

  b. relating

  c. draw

  d. convenience.

  e. notify

  f. hospitality

  g. practise

  1.I would like to thank you for the ______ you rendered us during our stay.

  2.Let us ______ you of our very best service and attention at all times.

  3.I would like an explanation from you with an offer of a monetary refund at your earliest ______.

  4.We wish to ______ your attention to the new charges for long distance telephone calls.

  5.If your room requirements change, please ______ us as soon as possible.

  6.Make sure that you know the function and stipulations ______ to the form.

  Ⅴ。Answer the following questions according to the content of the Reading(20%)

  1.What is Block Form? And what features does it have?(2分)

  2.Why is transportation a means to an end and not an end in itself?(3分)

  3.What qualifications must a good and effective form comply with?(3分)

  4.In writing a formal invitation, what is the style of words and expressions? Please give an example.(3分)

  5.How to write a good itinerary? Please give an brief answer.(4分)

  6.What is the differences between business letters and personal letters in salutation?(2分)

  7.What is the goal of reminder-oriented product advertising?(3分)

  Ⅵ。Translate the following sentences or phrases into English.(共16分)







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