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  第一部分 选择题 (共20分)

  Part One:Questions 1—20

  Directions:There are 20 sentences in this part.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence.(在下列各题中选择一个最佳答案填空。)20%

  1.A comparison of your offer ______ our regular suppliers shows that their prices are more favorable.

  A.with what of B.with that of

  C.with which of D.to that of

  2.______ you make a 5% reduction,we will have to decline your offer this time.

  A.Unless B.When

  C.As D.Except 3.We shall appreciate ______ us with an opinion as to the credit standing of the firm. A.provided B.to provide

  C.your providing D.your provision

  4.We have made it clear that the packing must be ______ to withstand rough handling.

  A.enoughly strong B.enough strong

  C.strongly D.strong enough

  5.We are convinced that there is a considerable market waiting ______.

  A.developed B.to be developed

  C.develop D.to develop

  6.We are sorry for our mistake in the number,______ resulted ______ your receiving the wrong goods.

  A.which … in B.this … from

  C.that … of D.it … as

  7.Every salesperson and every sales trainee ______ asked to sell twice as much next year.

  A.are B.were

  C.is D.was

  8.We don‘t have enough employees in our department;______ we are behind on our production schedule.

  A.but B.thus

  C.and D.or

  9.______ delegates stayed in the Hotel Dupar during the convention.

  A.Us B.He

  C.We D.Them

  10.It is difficult to reconcile this new business venture ______ their recent bankrupting.

  A.of B.to

  C.in D.with

  11.Our objectives are to make our stock profitable,to operate efficiently,and ______ good employee relations.

  A.to develop B.developed

  C.developing D.to developing

  12.Packed in a case,______.

  A.I could not find the sample

  B.the sample could not be found

  C.the sample could not find

  D.the sample could not found

  13.A ______ was granted to the working group that has worked on the project for three consecutive months.

  A.leave of ten-days B.leave of ten-day

  C.ten day leave D.leave of ten days

  14.The general manager,together with the chiefs of the staff,______ considering ______ strategy.

  A.is … his B.are … their

  C.is … their D.are … his

  15.Barbara was a member of the group ______ visited us.

  A.that B.who

  C.which D.whom

  16.Spending on nondurable goods this year is ______.

  A.3% as high as last year

  B.3% high as last year

  C.3% higher than that of last year

  D.higher 3% than last year

  17.Richard said that it was ______ used the microcomputer last night.

  A.he whom B.he who

  C.him who D.him whom

  18.Mr. Musto looked ______ as he left the room.

  A.calmy B.angrily

  C.calm D.sadly

  19.Many famous financial institutions are located on ______.

  A.the wall street B.The Wall Street

  C.The Wall street D.the Wall Street

  20.We ______ increase the prices of our packaging film and the prices of our entire line of paper products.

  A.find it necessary to B.find necessary it to

  C.find necessary to D.find it necessarily to

  第二部分 非选择题 (共80分)

  Part Two:Questions 21—30

  There is one mistake in each of the following questions.Detect and correct the mistakes.

  Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一个错误,找出错误并改正。请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。)20%

  Example:Who‘s taking care the dog while you’re away

  taking care→taking care of

  21.We have received two memorandum about the boxes.

  22.I asked for my friend‘s council before making my investment.

  23.We hope the goods will reach to the destination before November 30.

  24.Most people are now fully aware the virtues of the market economy.

  25.The product turned out in our factory is superior than that one in quality.

  26.This combination of labor is the most perfect.

  27.He tasted the coffee cautiously,feared that it had been spiked.

  28.Without doubt,Lisa performs better than him.

  29.Each of your payments are to be made to the realty company.

  30.Despite the weather is severe,the search for the survivors is still going on.

  Part Three:Questions 31—40

  Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given.(用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子。)10%

  31.from/that/the British ambassador/I learned/in Beijing/you are/make a visit/planning to/to Europe/of this year/at the end

  32.utilize/managers/to encourage/various techniques/employees/more efficiently/to work

  33.you/our/under/spring catalogue/separate/we are sending/cover

  34.all our/should be/word-processed/correspondence/are now/since we/trying/the company‘s/to modernize/image

  35.provide you/a checkbook/we will/with which/draw/from the bank/you can/your money/with

  36.the visit/good look/explanation of/and/a thorough/the problems/and solutions/provided a

  37.be pleased to/the premise/I shall/with you/at any time convenient/in greater detail/to you/discuss

  38.that/company/has received/newly opened/support/a good deal of/from that bank/therefore/in a strong/and is/financial position

  39.relating to/the contract/consultation/all disputes/shall be/friendly/settled through/between both parties

  40.who/joined/a secretary/only/our staff/two months ago/received/merit award/this month‘s

  Part Four:Questions 41—50

  Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error.One punctuation in each is either missing or misused.Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.


  Example: A.What a nice present you gave me me!

  B.You think you are right don‘t you  right,

  41.How large will the ad be,Two pages

  42.Congratulations You have won the first prize in the national contest.

  43.Are you planning to leave before I return.

  44.Mr.Scott selected Monday October 12 for the sales meeting.

  45.The letter was returned because it was addressed to Springfield Ohio.

  46.The secretary read the letter quickly,therefore,she did not find all the errors.

  47.Many of the national parks are closed because of the drought;as a matter of fact more parks are closed than are opened.

  48.Friday,July 1;Friday,July 8;and Friday,July 15;are all the possible dates to conduct the balloting.

  49.The average auction price has tripled in the last five years.profits from breeding have climbed even faster.

  50.Long live the People‘s Republic of China.

  Part Five:

  Memo Writing 15%

  Write a memo in about 50 words.

  51.You are the Production Manager of a company which manufactures all types of packing.You used to be able to sell large quantities of packaging but recently sales have fallen.You think your packaging is not attractive enough.Arrange a meeting with all the staff in the graphics department to discuss the situation.

  Write a short memo to all the graphics staff.

  Tell them about the sales of your company‘s packaging.

  Explain what you think should be done.

  Suggest a time and a date for a meeting with them.

  Part Six:

  Letter Writing 25%

  Write a letter in 130—150 words.

  52.Write a sales letter to a client who once inquired about your air-conditioners.Your letter should cover the following particulars:





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