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  Ⅰ。Complete the sentences with the best choice.Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:(10%)

  1.Without trees our world ( ) a much drier place.

  A. is B. will be

  C. would be D. must be

  2.He is determined to get ( ) of the profit than he has been offered.

  A.ten percent more B.ten more percent

  C.more ten percent D.as much as ten percent

  3.I ( ) Jenny Stone during the interval of the play,incidentally.

  A.ran into B.ran down

  C.ran over D.ran on

  4.She is said ( ) French at a college in Paris now.

  A.to learn B.to have learnt

  C.to be learnt D.to be learning

  5.We ( ) better under more favourable conditions.

  A.could do B.should do

  C.must have done D.could have done

  6.I kept ( ) on the papers since you said how much you enjoyed the play.

  A.my B.my eyes

  C.an eye D.eye

  7.The speaker, ( ) for her splendid speeches,was warmly received by the audience.

  A.known B.having known

  C.knowing D.being known

  8.It‘s time he ( ) what has happened.

  A.is told B.be told

  C.was told D.tells

  9.I‘d like to have ( ) with you sometime this week about your approaching examination.

  A.some word B.a word

  C.some words D.one word

  10.A baby might show fear of an unfamiliar adult, ( ) he is likely to smile and reach out to another infant.

  A.if B.whenever

  C.so that D.whereas

  Ⅱ。Complete the sentences with a word derived from the one in brackets.Write your answers on the Answer Sheet:(5%)

  1.My area of _____ is international communication.(special)

  2.Current research indicates a _____ relationship between all forms of smoking and cancer of the mouth and throat.(cause)

  3.We have to _____ our students with the rules and regulations of our school.(familiar)

  4.Nobody believed his _____ that he had not taken any books from the public library.(deny)

  5.He made a _____ long speech at the conference.(surprise)

  Ⅲ。Choose the correct paraphrase of the underlined part of the following sentences,then write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:(10%)

  1.Their diet chiefly consists of rice and vegetables.

  A.is composed of B.is made up for

  C.constitutes D.makes up of

  2.That would make a Gestapo official sit up and take notice.

  A.cause a Gestapo official stay late at night and concentrate his attention

  B.surprise a Gestapo official and take action

  C.make a Gestapo official take measures to deal with the problem

  D.alarm a Gestapo official and get his more attention

  3.How do you go about making a boy into a zero?

  A.How do you manage to make a boy become famous?

  B.What do you do to make a boy become nobody?

  C.How do you train a boy to be a zoo lover?

  D.How do you turn a boy into a person of importance?

  4.But in the way they all glanced I could see how they‘d come to hate my guts.

  A.dislike me extremely

  B.be jealous of my bravery

  C.have no interest in my intestines

  D.be bored with my hobbies

  5.The incredible was visible to them all.

  A.It is too unbelievable for them to see the thing.

  B.They are capable of finding the thing.

  C.They all saw the incredible thing by themselves.

  D.They could not solve the incredible matter all by themselves.

  Ⅳ。Put suitable prepositions or adverbs in the blanks on the Answer Sheet:(10%)

  1.The old lady took a 100-yuan note _____ a 10-yuan one,but the shopkeeper gave her the right


  2.The problem has to be dealt with by joint efforts _____ the basis of mutual trust and respect.

  3.If you can‘t see _____ the matter,please let me know.

  4.Marshall Liu Bocheng‘s name will go _____ in China’s military history.

  5.I‘ve used _____ all the writing paper and have to go and get some more.

  6.I‘m sure he’ll make a good teacher because he feels _____ ease with children.

  7.Unaware of the harm certain pesticides are bringing _____,quite a number of farmers still use


  8.It turned _____ there had been two Marines with the same name and similar numbers in the camp.

  9.The case _____ investigation involves several high-ranking officials.

  10.Some writer could write a novel about what the old man has gone ______ all these years.


  Complete the passage by putting in the blanks the corrtect choice.Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:

  Before the 20th century the horse provided day to day transportation in the United States.Trains were used only for long-distance transportation.

  Today the car is the most popular ___1___ of transportation in all of the United States.It has completely ___2___ the horse as a means of everyday transportation.Americans use their car for ___3___ 90 per cent of all personal ___4___.

  Most Americans are able to ___5___ cars.The average price of a ___6___-made car was $2,050 in 1950,$2,740 in 1960 and up to $4,750 ___7___ 1975.During this period American car manufacturers set about ___8___ their products and work effciency.As a result,the yearly income of the ___9___ family increased from 1950 to 1975 ___10___ than the price of cars.For this reason ___11___ a new car takes a smaller ___12___ of a family‘s total earnings today.

  In 1951 ___13___ it took 8.1 months of an average family‘s ___14___ to buy a new car.In 1962 a new car ___15___ 8.3 of a family’s annual earnings.By 1975 it only took 4.75 ___16___ income.In addition,the 1975 cars were technically ___17___ to models from previous years.

  The ___18___ of the automobile extends throughout the economy ___19___ the car is so important to Americans.Americans spend more money to ___20___ their cars running than on any other item.

  1. A.kinds B.sort C.mean D.types

  2. A.denied B.reproduced C.replaced D.ridiculed

  3. A.hardly B.nearly C.certainly D.somehow

  4. A.trip B.works C.business D.travel

  5. A.buy B.sell C.race D.see

  6. A.quickly B.regularly C.rapidly D.recently

  7. A.on B.in C.behind D.about

  8. A.raising B.making C.reducing D.improving

  9. A.unusual B.interested C.average D.biggest

  10. A.slowest B.equal C.faster D.less than

  11. A.bringing B.obtain C.bought D.purchasing

  12. A.part B.half C.number D.side

  13. A.clearly B.proportionally C.percentage D.suddenly

  14. A.income B.work C.plans D.debts

  15. A.used B.spent C.cost D.needed

  16. A.months‘ B.dollar’s C.family D.year

  17. A.famous B.superior C.fastest D.purchasing

  18. A.running B.notice C.influence D.discussion

  19. A.then B.as C.so D.which

  20. A.start B.leave C.keep D.repair

  Ⅵ。Read the following passages and complete the statements or answer the questions with the correct choice.Write your right letter on the Answer Sheet:(20%)

  Passage 1

  Hundreds of species of marine life manage to survive even in the darkest depths of the ocean.These tenants of the deep have evolved some extremely ingenious devices for locating their food and enemies.

  Where the light is very dim,some of these deepwater species have developed enormous eyes with almost telescopic lenses,very much like those of owls.Others,especially the fish that survive where there is no light at all,are quite blind but have developed long fellers that enable them to identify and collect stray bits of food that come within a considerable radius of them.

  Some inhabitants of the deep supply their own light.They have built-in torches that they can switch on and off depending on whether they are pursuing or being pursued.Some have regular lamps,spots of steady light,which spread a faint glow through the water around them.One deepwater squid can squirt a luminous fluid that lights up its immediate vicinity,a neat variation on the ink ejected by its cousins nearer the surface to becloud and darken the water.It is supposed that about half of the varieties of fish living in the dark depths of the ocean heave some power of illumination.

  1.Most of the marine species living in the darkest depths have _____.

  A.learned to live without light

  B.evolved ingenious devices to help them

  C.found ways to supply their own light

  D.developed extremely sensitive eyes

  2.According to the selection,some species that live where there is no light have _____.

  A.long,sensitive feelers B.luminous fins

  C.enormous owl-like eyes D.no actual eyes

  3.The deepwater member of the squid family emits a fluid that ______.

  A.looks like ink

  B.is luminous

  C.protects it from its enemies

  D.darkens the water around it

  4.It is supposed that about half of the varieties of fish living in the dark depths have _____.

  A.evolved more than one means of creating light

  B.some power of illumination

  C.developed extremely sensitive feelers

  D.almost telescopic eyes

  5.Implied but not stated:

  A.Where there is no light,the power of illumination is necessary for survival.

  B.Food-hunting is a difficult problem in the ocean depths.

  C.When a fish is being pursued,it often turns off its light.

  D.All fish in the darkest depths of the ocean have some device to compensate for lack of light.

  Passage 2

  Harry Houdini was one of the greatest American entertainers in the theatre this century.He was a man famous for his escapes—from prison cells,from wooden boxes floating in rivers,from locked tanks full of water.

  He appeared in theaters all over Europe and America;crowds came to see the great Houdini and his “magic”tricks.

  Of course,his secret wasn‘t magic or supernatural powers,it was simply strength.He had the ability to move his toes as well as he moved his fingers.He could move his body into almost any position he wanted.

  Houdini started working in the entertainment when he was 17,in 1891.He and his brother Theo performed card tricks in a club in New York.They called themselves the Houdini Brothers.When Harry married in 1894,the brothers ended their partnership.Harry and his wife Bess worked together as magician and assistant.But for a long time they were not very successful.Then Harry performed his first spectacular prison escape,in Chicago in 1898.Harry persuaded a detective to let him try to escape from the prison,and he invited the local newspapermen to watch.It was the publicity that came from this that started Harry Houdini‘s success.Although he was a clever magician in many other ways,he was-and is-remembered for his escapes.

  6.Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for this passage?

  A.Harry Houdini,a Secret Man

  B.American Magic

  C.A Man with Supernatural Powers

  D.A Successful American Magician

  7.Harry Houdini was famous for his escapes because of his _____.

  A.supernatural powers B.diligence

  C.strength D.magic

  8.When Harry Houdini married in 1894 he _____.

  A.had worked on the stage for three years

  B.was seventeen years old

  C.stopped Performing card tricks

  D.had lived in Chicago for a long time

  9.Which of the following is NOT true?

  A.Harry Houdini could escape from the prison.

  B.Harry Houdini could move his toes well.

  C.Harry Houdini was born in 1874.

  D.Harry and Bess had been partners on the stage before they got married.

  10.When Harry Houdini performed his first prison escape,he invited the newspapermen to watch because _____.

  A.they had cameras to photograph his performance

  B.they could make his performance known to the public

  C.they didn‘t believe that he could escape from the prison

  D.they were good friends of Harry Houdini

  Passage 3

  By 1970,according to a World Wildlife Fund report,only about 4,500 tigers survived throughout the world,half of them in India.Mr.Forsters,who followed and counted tiger footprints,estimated that in May 1972 only about 1,800 tigers existed in India.Project(项目) Tiger supported by W.W.F. was immediately launched.Nine tiger reserves(保留地) were created,with armed guards protecting them.

  The project provided opportunities for researchers from India and abroad to study tigers in the reserves and gather information about their habits.Studies show that a male tiger may control a hunting territory(领地) of between 10 and 20 square kilometers,depending on its age,size and strength.The territory of a male includes the smaller territories of three or four tigresses.A tiger marks the boundaries of its territory by spraying urine and other bodily liquids on bushes.But it tries to avoid territorial fights,being guided by the sharp body smell of other tigers.Tigers fight to death only when a tigress is defending her young or when a tiger is guarding a tigress from the attentions of other males.

  The popular picture of the tiger is that of a cruel and unconquerable hunter.But studies show that it catches only one of 20 victims it tries to attack.

  Fears have recently developed that Project Tiger has been too successful.It has doubled the tiger population but India‘s human population has also grown out of control.Land problem is becoming serious and many rural people feel bitter about the fact that some rich forests are reserved for tigers.A growing number of attacks by tigers on man has added to the hostility.

  11.The ultimate aim of Project Tiger is to _____.

  A.study the growth rate of tigers

  B.analyze the behavioral patterns of tigers

  C.promote the breeding of young tigers

  D.protect tigers from being killed

  12.Studies have shown that _____.

  A.a tigress never attacks until attacked

  B.the tiger is not an efficient hunter as is commonly described

  C.a tiger usually fights another tiger to defend its own territory

  D.the tigress is not as fierce as the tiger

  13.According to the passage,a tiger‘s territory _____.

  A.expands as the tiger grows up

  B.is often defended by tigress

  C.remains unchanged

  D.is the cause of most fights

  14.Some people are afraid that Project Tiger _____.

  A.has failed to achieve its goal

  B.has not received enough attention

  C.has been carried too far

  D.is not worth the money spent on it

  15.The author seems _____.

  A.to be enthusiastic about Project Tiger

  B.to have a matter-of-fact attitude towards Project Tiger

  C.to have a hostile attitude towards Project Tiger

  D.to be satisfied with Project Tiger

  Passage 4

  America is a country on the move.In unheard-of numbers,people of all ages are exercising their way to better health.According to the latest statistics,59 percent of American adults exercise regularly—up 12 percent from just two years ago and more than double the number of 25 years ago.Even non-exercisers believe that they would be more attractive and confident if they were more active.

  It is hard not to get the message.The virtues of physical health are shown on magazine covers,postage stamps,and television advertisements for everything from beauty soaps to travel books.Exercise as a part of daily life didn‘t catch on until the late 1960s when research by military doctors began to show the health benefits of doing regular physical exercises.Growing publicity for races held in American cities helped to start a strong interest in the ancient sport of running.Although running has leveled off in recent years as Americans have discovered equally rewarding—and sometimes safer—forms of exercise,such as walking and swimming,running remains the most popular form of exercise.

  As the popularity of exercise continues to increase,so does scientific proof of its health benefits.The key to health is exercising the major muscle groups vigorously enough to about double the heart rate and keep it doubled for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.Doing such physical exercises three times or more a week will produce considerable improvements in physical health in about three months.

  16.According to the passage,what was the percentage of American adults doing regular physical exercises two years ago?

  A.About 70%. B.Nearly 60%.

  C.Almost 50%. D.More than 12%.

  17.A growing interest in sports developed after _____.

  A.an increasing number of races were held in American cities

  B.people got the message from magazine covers and postage stamps

  C.scientific evidence of health benefits was shown on TV ads

  D.research showed that their health benefits

  18.Which of the following is closest in meaning to the phrase “leveled off”(Para. 2,Line 5)?

  A.become very popular

  B.stopped being popular

  C.stopped increasing in popularity

  D.reached its lowest level in popularity

  19.It can be learnt from the passage that the health benefits of exercise _____.

  A.are supported by scientific evidence

  B.are to be further studied

  C.are yet to be proved

  D.are self-evident

  20.Which of the following would be the best TITLE for the passage?

  A.Different Forms of Exercise

  B.Running—A Popular Form of Sport

  C.Scientific Evidence of Health Benefits

  D.Exercise—The Road to Health

  Ⅶ。Translate the following into English with words or phrases given in brackets,and then write your sentences on the Answer Sheet:(25%)

  1.经过6个月的艰难谈判,这个国家终于与他的邻国达成协议。(come to terms)

  2.他的自行车被偷了,他不得不从家里一直跑到学校。(all the way)



  5.我们得分派一位有经验的护士协助林医生做这次手术。(assist in/with)


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