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  (1)in the red

  (2)the silk trade

  (3)a precaution against withdrawals

  (4)inventory carrying costs



  (6)交通阻塞 (7)原材料 (8)需求曲线

  (9)英国工业革命 (10)资本设备


  (一)词汇应用(15分): 选择最佳答案完成句子。

  1.Foods composed of two or more ingredients must ______ labels listing all ingredients.

  A.bring B.put C.write D.bear

  2.They were ______ for almost one hour in the traffic jam, so they missed the train.

  A.put up B.held up C.put on D.held on

  3.I can finish it ______ quickly if you do not bother me.

  A.fairly B.rather C.too D.so

  4.For two thousand years, this custom in the town ______ unchanged.

  A.lasts B.remains C.stays D.continues

  5.As he read, Mr. Smith looked up ______ to greet someone he knew.

  A.often B.sometime C.usually D.occasionally

  6.Nearly every major city in the world ____ some form of public transportation.

  A.provides B.gives C.supplies D.brings

  7.He made a great ______ to be kind and friendly to every student of his.

  A.attempt B.practice C.effort D.power

  8.The cost of the material is ______ in the bill for the work.

  A.enclosed B.combined

  C.kept D.included

  9.It is not our normal ______ to give credit, but this time I think we should consider the matter more closely.

  A.practice B.state C.intention D.occasion

  10.In 1994 ______, the factory saved 20,000 RMB for our country.

  A.alone B.lonely C.still D.whole

  11.Your wife is ______ along very well.She‘ll be out of hospital soon.

  A.coming B.going C.keeping D.taking

  12.The flight to Shanghai was ______ because of snow.

  A.delayed B.deposed C.diverted D.rejected

  13.I ______ my house against fire.

  A.insure B.assure C.ensure D.sure

  14.It seems that they are reluctant to undertake the scheme.The

  underlined word can be replaced by ______.

  A.willingly B.unwilling C.wishful D.responsible

  15.Most people are more or less selfish.The underlined part means ______.

  A.somewhere B.somewhat C.somehow D.slightly


  16.The children enjoy ______ in the evening.

  A.to read newspapers B.read newspaper

  C.read newspapers D.reading newspapers

  17.He didn‘t come until the meeting was nearly over because he _____asleep while reading.

  A.had become B.had fallen C.was becoming D.was falling

  18.Linen was the first woven material ______ clothes were made.

  A.which B.that C.from which D.from that

  19.You may go ______ you like.

  A.as soon as B.wherever C.before D.whoever

  20.We suggest ______ again.

  A.him to do it B.that he do it

  C.that he does it D.him do it

  21.I meant ______ him about it,but I didn‘t see him.

  A.telling B.to tell C.having told D.to be told

  22.He is qualified ______ the new job.

  A.of B.on C.for D.with

  23.His Chinese teacher requires that he ______ a regular degree program.

  A.begin B.begins C.will begin D.is beginning

  24.Since the ground is wet, it ______ last night.

  A.should have rained B.has rained

  C.must rain D.must have rained

  25.______ the cost, water transportation is very cheap.

  A.According to B.Talking about

  C.In terms of D.As far as

  26.I‘m not really interested in politics.I’m just playing ______it.

  A.at B.for C.in D.on

  27.China is a ______ country.

  A.socialist great modernized B.socialist modernized great

  C.great modernized socialist D.modernized socialist great

  28.We must face the fact ______ we have spent all our money.

  A.that B.which C.on which D.it

  29.If he ______ that, he would have run away.

  A.realizes B.would have realized

  C.had realized D.have realized

  30.It is this terrible wastefulness ______ has got us into the mess we are in now.

  A.which B.that C.it D.who



  1. That is troubling her is that she doesn‘t have much experience in business.

  A B C D

  2. As far as the method itself is concerned it is worth trying. The trouble is that

  A B C

  we don‘t have enough hand.


  3. The United States, alike many other countries, receives a large number of

  A B C

  immigrants yearly from all over the world.


  4.The people who buy these imported things will have to pay the duties, on the form

  A B C D

  of higher prices.

  5.A cut in your prices is exactly that our customers wish that you should do.

  A B C D

  6.The phenomena of nature is changing all the time, we only have limited knowledge

  A B C

  about them.


  7.You had better eat more fruit, and it will do you goodness.

  A B C D

  8.They can be opened at both ends, thus making it possible load and unload at the same time.

  A B C D

  9.Eva concentrated to her reading so that she could understand the story.

  A B C D

  10.The wooden cases for our goods should be not only seaworthy and strong enough to

  A B C

  protect them from any damage.




  The United States is well-known for its network of major highways designed to help a driver get from one place to 1 , in the shortest possible time. 2 these wide modern roads are generally smooth and well maintained, with 3 sharp curves and many straight sections, a direct route is not always the most enjoyable one.Large highways often pass 4 scenic areas and interesting small towns.Furthermore, these highways generally 5 large urban centers, which means that they become crowded with 6 traffic during rush hours, when the “fast, direct” route becomes a very slow route.

  However, there is 7 always another route to take 8 you are not in a hurry.Not far from the 9 new “superhighways”,there are often older aod 10 heavily traveled roads which go through the countryside.Some of these are good twolane roads;others are uneven roads curving through the country.

  1.A.some B.the other C.another D.others

  2.A.Although B.Since C.Because D.Therefore

  3.A.little B.few C.much D.many

  4.A.to B.into C.over D.by

  5.A.lead B.connect C.collect D.communicate

  6.A.large B.fast C.high D.heavy

  7.A.yet B.still C.almost D.quite

  8.A.unless B.if C.as D.since

  9.A.relatively B.regularly C.respectively D.reasonably

  10.A.and B.less C.more D.or


  rely on, unhappy, think, imagine, talk, two years ago, paid, money,

  working environment, future, from then on, compare, make, laid

  off workers

  Recently, I 11 with several colleagues, who were recruited by the State-owned factory I work for, from my Alma Mater, an electrical university in North China. They were quite 12 because their work situation was not what they had 13 .

  When I first started working in this factory 14 ,I was not as disappointed as they were. I didn‘t care much about the 15 or the salary. I was glad that I was independent 16 and would not have to 17 my parents any more.Maybe I could support them to repay them for bringing me up and giving me an education.

  It is true that we are at a disadvantage if we 18 ourselves with other schoolmates who are now working for electrical enterprises or in big companies earning a lot of money. But not everyone earns a large amount of money. We should realize that there are millions of 19 throughout the country because of the reform to a market economy.

  Nevertheless, I am not talking about feeling at ease and comfortable with one‘s job. We should strive for a better 20 .The evolution of our present work unit requires our efforts to make it prosperous.



  Passage 1

  There are a great many careers in which the increasing emphasis is in specialization. You find these careers in engineering, in production, in statistical work, and in teaching. But there is an increasing demand for people who are able to take in a great area at a glance, people who perhaps do not know too much about any one field. There is, in other words, a demand for people who are capable of seeing the forest rather than the trees, of making general judgments.We can call these people “generalists”。 And these “generalists” are particularly needed for positions in administration,where it is their job to see that other people do the work,where they have to plan for other people, to organize other people‘s work, to begin it and judge it.

  The specialist understands one field;his concern is with technique and tools.He is a “trained” man;and his educational background is properly technical or professional.The generalist and especially the administrator deals with people;his concern is with leadership,with planning.He is an “educated” man and the humanities are his strongest foundation.Very rarely is a specialist capable of being an administrator.And very rarely is a good generalist also a good specialist in a particular field.Any organization needs both kinds of people.It is your task to find out, during your training period into which of the two kinds of jobs you fit.

  Your first job may turn out to be the right job for you, but this is a pure accident.You must not look upon the first job as the final job; it is primarily a training job, an opportunity to understand yourself and your fitness for being an employee.

  1.There is an increasing demand for ______.

  A.all-round people in their own fields

  B.people whose job is to organize other people‘s work

  C.generalists whose educational background is either technical or professional

  D.specialists whose chief concern is to provide administrative guidance to others

  2.The specialist is ______.

  A.a man whose job is to train other people

  B.a man who has been trained in more than one field

  C.a man who can see the forest rather than the trees

  D.a man whose concern is mainly with technical or professional matters

  3.The administrator is ______.

  A.a “trained” man who is more a specialist than a generalist

  B.a man who sees the trees as well as the forest

  C.a man who is very strong in the humanities

  D.a man who is an “educated” specialist

  4.During your training period, it is important ______.

  A.to try to be a generalist

  B.to choose a profitable job

  C.to find an organization which fits you

  D.to decide whether you are fit to be a specialist or a generalist

  5.A man‘s first job ______.

  A.is never the right job for him

  B.should not be regarded as his final job

  C.should not be changed or people will become suspicious of his ability to hold any job

  D.is primarily an opportunity to fit himself for his final job.

  Passage 2

  As supplier of most of the food we eat and of raw materials for many industrial processes, agriculture is clearly an important area of the economy.But the industrial performance of agriculture is even more important than this.For in nations where the productivity of farmers is low, most of the working population is needed to raise food and few people are available for production of investment goods or for other activities required for economic growth.Indeed, one of the factors related most closely to the per capita income of a nation is the fraction of its population engaged in farming.In the poorest nations of the world,more than half of the population lives on farms.This compares sharply with less than 10 percent in Western Europe and less than 4 percent in the United States.

  In short, the course of economic development in general depends in fundamental way on the performance of farmers.This performance,in turn, depends on how agriculture is organized and on the economic environment, or market structure, within which it functions.In the following pages the performance of American agriculture is examined.It is appropriate to begin with a consideration of its market structure.

  6.This passage is most probably ______.

  A.a news item

  B.part of an introduction to a book

  C.part of a lecture

  D.an advertisement

  7.What is the most important to agriculture is______.

  A.the amount of food it produces

  B.the per capita income of farmers

  C.its industrial performance

  D.the production of investment goods

  8.The underlined word “this” in the first paragraph refers to ___.

  A.the provision of food and raw materials

  B.the productivity of farmers

  C.the production of investment goods

  D.the economy as a whole

  9.The performance of farmers essentially determines ______.

  A.the size of the working population

  B.the organization of agriculture

  C.the market structure

  D.the general development of economy

  10.This passage will most probably be followed by a discussion of ______.

  A.the structure of American farming population

  B.the market structure of American agriculture

  C.the various functions of American agriculture

  D.the organization of American agriculture



  (1)When everybody‘s spirit of competition is at work,we can certainly improve the quality of our products.(4分)

  (2)The frugality and good conduct is sufficient to compensate not the private prodigality and misconduct of individuals, but the public extravagance of government.(4分)





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