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  第一部分 选择题(共20分)

  Part One: Questions 1-20

  Directions: There are 20 sentences in this part. For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence. (在下列各题中选择一个最佳答案填空。)20%

  1.This kind of cloth is durable, cheap and ( )。 A. easy to wash B. ease of washing C. washing easily D. ease to wash

  2.If you have someone accompanying you, ten miles ( ) a long way to walk.

  A. is B. aren‘t C. isn’t D. are

  3.One of its tasks is to get business information and ( ) new business opportunities for its members.

  A. finding B. to find C. finds D. find

  4.The bigger your audience, ( ) complicated communication channel choice becomes.

  A. more B. it is more C. the more D. the most

  5.The company in question does steady export business, ( ) satisfactory results in overseas markets.

  A. show B. to show C. showed D. showing

  6. ( ) quality and prices are satisfactory, there are prospects of good sales here.

  A. Provided B. Even C. Though D. Unless 7.We regret ( ) that we can‘t accept your offer.

  A. of saying B. for saying C. about saying D. to say 8.We find ( ) necessary to stress the importance of making punctual shipment within the validity of the L/C. A. how B. that C. it D. us 9.Your firm has been recommended to us by AMK company, ( ) we have done business for many years. A. with whom B. with who C. whom D. who 10.To qualify for a promotion, ( ) to exceed the quota.

  A. the best thing he could do was B. he did his best C. all he could do was D. his best thing was

  11.We are pleased to tell you that the goods ( ) in your order have been sent to you today.

  A. including B. included C. includes D. to include 12.We are ( ) urgent need ( ) the goods, so would you please effect shipment of our ordered goods immediately? A. in…of B. in…for C. at…for D. for…of 13.He always adopts ( ) in face of difficulties. A. a never saying die attitude B. an attitude to say never die

  C. an attitude of saying never die D. an attitude of never saying die

  14.We should be glad ( ) you would consider our application to further our study in your university.

  A. and B. whether

  C. though D. if

  15.Enclosed please find two copies of Sales Contract No 011345, which we trust ( ) in order. A. will be found B. will find C. to find D. to be found

  16.Neither Mr. Babcock nor other clerical workers ( ) an additional reward. A. is given B. was given

  C. gives D. were given

  17. Few( ) his intention of moving to the South.

  A. knows B. are knowing

  C. know D. is knowing

  18. Some of the ( ) insisted that the contract be awarded to Company A.

  A. women managers B. women manager

  C. woman managers D. woman‘s managers

  19. We have received with thanks your fax of March 30 and ( ) to reply as follows.

  A. pleased B. be pleased

  C. are pleased D. being pleased

  20.We are anxious to contact some Indian companies with a view ( ) business relations with them.

  A. to build B. to building

  C. for building D. building

  第二部分 非选择题(共80分)

  Part Two: Questions 21-30

  There is one mistake in each of the following questions. Detect and correct the mistakes. Write your corrections together with the mistakes on the answer sheet.(下列每句各有一 个错误,找出错误并改正。请将错误及改正写在答题纸上。)20%

  Example: Who‘s taking care the dog while you’re away? taking care → taking care of

  21. It would be contrarily to my principle to vote for that man.

  22. Numerous analysis are required before a decision can be made.

  23. The manager urged the salespeople to go fourth on their job with confidence.

  24. The chairman and president were present at the meeting.

  25. He knew the salespeople who were waiting had called before.

  26. Miss Ferguson and myself received new job classifications.

  27. She said, “If you are I, what would you do?”

  28. According with this letter, the customer did not follow the operating instructions.

  29. People are becoming increasing aware of the benefits brought about by high-tech.

  30. Due to a strike has temporarily closed our factory, deliveries are delayed.

  Part Three: Questions 31-40

  Write logical sentences with the words and phrases given. (用所给的词和词组写出符合逻辑的句子。) 10%

  31.the merger / the newspaper / carried / in Los Angeles / of / published / the story

  32.from / the board meeting / Harvard / Mr. Yates / graduated / at / speaking

  33.in / the bank‘s / the near future / be extended / current business hours / will

  34.quite / our trading partners / are / our views / not / similar to / of / those

  35.at / the year /was reorganized / of / the Personnel Department / the beginning

  36.a share of / include / job descriptions / and / their responsibilities / the man power planning / the writing of

  37.there / in particular areas / some industries / has always been / to concentrate / for / a tendency

  38.his report / will / for / present / the Honorary Treasurer / of the year / the first half

  39.and / please / transport arrangements / confirm / give / details of / your attendance

  40.when / the employees / as / the days / mere numbers / having no rights / have passed / at all / were regarded

  Part Four: Questions 41-50

  Each of the following sentences contains one punctuation error. One punctuation in each is either missing or misused. Detect the error and write the missing punctuation or your correction together with the word before the punctuation on the answer sheet.(下面每句都有一个标点符号错误,该用标点处未用标点或标点符号用错。改正错误或补写标点,并将其与前面的一个单词一起填写在答题纸上。) 10%

  Example: A. What a nice present you gave me. me!

  B. You think you are right don‘t you? right,

  41.You should sign all letters before mailing them 42.Do you market your product through retailers.

  43.The weather was good yet the plane arrived an hour later.

  44.The accountant Mr. Price, delivered a long presentation.

  45.What a nice girl she is.

  46.There are three requirements for the job, foreign language knowledge, working experience and an MBA degree.

  47.We have to constantly renew our knowledge, because, science and technology are developing so rapidly.

  48.Investors‘ expectations are high, therefore, competitive bidding for breeding animals is brisk.

  49.The personnel manager stated, We only hire persons with an MBA degree for that type of position.

  50.Our offices are located in Atlanta, Georgia and Birmingham Alabama.

  Part Five:

  Memo Writing 15%

  Write a memo in about 50 words.

  51. You are a department manager. A new copying machine has been installed in your department. Write a memo to tell your staff members to be careful in using the newly-installed photocopier. Your instructions should include the following particulars: ?Ask them not to use it for too long at a time.

  ?Ask them to switch off the machine after use.

  ?Encourage them to offer suggestions for the care of the machine.

  Part Six:

  Letter Writing 25%

  Write a letter in 130-150 words.



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