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  I.Vocabulary and Structure(10 points,1 point for each item)


  1.It took a Iong time for her to ______ the fact that her husband was dismissed.

  A.come up against B.come up to

  C.come up with D.come to terms with

  2.was it in that school ______ he developed his interest in physics?

  A.which B.from which C.where D.that

  3.______ for your help,I would not have over come the psychological pressures and tensions.

  A.Not been B.Without being

  C.Had it not been D.Not having been

  4.______ nothing to say,the boy shied way from the crowd.

  A.Have B.Having C.Had D.Having being

  5.As activity carrided ______ as one thinks fit in one‘s spare time,leisure has sereval functions.

  A.on B.out C.off D.over

  6.Why do you blame him for his poor judgment on the matter ______ he really needs is encouragement?

  A.when that B.since that C.when what D.now that

  7.The other timeing system belongs in our internal clocks,which,left ______ would tie the body to a 25-hour rythm.

  A.behind B.alone C.out D.aside

  8.It has been years ______ I returned home.

  A.after B.that C.since D.when

  9.We‘ll keep you ______ any news.

  A.up to date with B.in step with

  C.in line with D.in terms of

  10.I‘d like to go to the cinema,but I’m ______ to.

  A.enable B.disable C.unable D.able

  II.CIoIeye6t(10poht3,1poZnt fo「each!tem)


  Japan is a small country with few natural resouces. -11- this,Japanese productivity,the rate at which goods are produced, -12- more than I eleven times in the past thirty years.Many people in the West wonder how the Japanese do it.The key -13- Japan‘s success can be discovered by looking at some basic differences between Japanese and Western attitudes towards work.

  People in the west generally view work -14- a necessary evil-one must give up part of one‘s freedom to earn the money needed to live. To the Japanese,however,work is the central interest of one’s life; it‘s -15- that a Japanese establishes his identity.

  A Japanes business firm is like a faamily,When an employee joins a company,he expects to work for that company for the rest of his working life; -16- is anyone dismissed.Promotion is based on the seniority system,the length of emplowyment -17- one‘d rank in the company. Those at the bottom do not -18- chances for promotion because those at the top retire at a certain age -19- others may have their turn.In addition,the difference between the lowest and the highest salaries is much their turn.In addition,the difference between the lowest and the highest salaries is much less than -20- in the West.

  11.A.Because of B.As for C.Although D.Despite

  12.A.have increased B.has increased

  C.are increasing D.is increasing

  13.A.to B.of C.for D.in

  14.A.like B.for C.about D.as

  15.A.this B.that C.here D.where

  16.A.barely B.rarely C.occasionally D.frequently

  17.A.determines B.has determined

  C.determining D.to determine

  18.A.care about B.care for C.worry about D.concern with

  19.A.in that B.such that C.for that D.so that

  20.A.that B.those C.one D.ones

  III、Reading Comprehension(30 points,2 points for each item)


  Passage One

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

  who talks more,women or men? The seemingly conflicting evidence is resolved by the difference between what I call public and private speaking.More men feel comfortable doing “public speaking,” while more women feel comfortable doing “private” speaking.Another way of capturing these differences is by using the terms repoter—talk.

  For most women,the language of conversation is primarily a language of rapport: a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships.Emphasis is placed on displaying similarities and matching experiences.From childhood,girls criticize their friends who try to stand out or appear better than others.People feel their closest connections at home,or in places where they feel at home—with one or a few people they feel close to and comfortable with-in other words,during private speaking.But even the most public situations can be approached like private speaking.

  For most men,talk is primarily a means to preserve independence and negotiate and maintain status in a hierarchcal(等级制度的)social order.This is done by exhibiting knowledge and skill,and by holding center stage through verbal performance such as story-telling,joking,or conveying information. From childhood,men learn to use talking as a way to get and keep attention.Therefore,they are more confortable speaking in larger groups made up of people they know less well,in the broadest sense,“public speaking”。But even the most private situations can be approached like public speaking,more like giving a report than establishing rapport.

  21.A similar term for “private talking” is ______

  A.report—talk B.rapport—talk

  C.persuasive—talk D.women‘s talk

  22.when women talk,they tend to ______

  A.admire their friends who stand out

  B.make others feel at home

  C.approach public situations like private talking

  D.seek close relationship with other speakers

  23.Men talk in order to ______

  A.make new friends B.share experience

  C.argue with others D.attract attention

  24.The purpose of this passage is to ______

  A.contrast the male and female talking styles

  B.prove that men talk more effecvively than women

  C.analyze why men and women are different

  D.draw people‘s attention to the difference between men and women

  25.Which of the following is true?

  A.Men talk more than women.

  B.Men feel more comfortable making a public speech than women.

  C.Men are more knowledeable than women.

  D.Men are more independent than women.

  Passage Two

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

  The best example of how associations influence eating is that we often eat not because we‘re hungry but because it’s “lunchtime,” because foods smell good,or because our friends are eating.

  More evidence that associations influence eating comes from marketing and advertising pressures to sell foods by offering huge servings.For example,movie theatre offer an extra large box of popcorn(爆玉米花),which,at almost 900 calories,is equivalent to a major meal.Health professionals warn that as children,adolscents(青少年),and adults learn to prefer large portions and tasty foods high in fat,sugar,and calories,there has been a corresponding increase in rates of being over weight(from 25%in 1988 to 34%in 1998)。Researchers are especially concerned about the continued rates of overweight and obesity(肥胖)in children since childhood obesiity very difficult to treat and an obese child has a high probabiliety of becoming an obese adult with the associated health risks we discussed earlier.

  Health professionals suggest that to avoid future increases in rates of overweight and obesity,we need to try hard to forget many of our food associations,which primarily involve decreasing size of food portions,increasing levels of activity to burn off excess calories.

  26.The influence of food association can be seen clearly from the example that we often eat NOT because ______

  A.it‘s time for lunch

  B.we‘re hungry

  C.foods smell delicious

  D.our friends are eating

  27.From the passage we can infer that the “serving” in the second parapaph most probably means ______

  A.an amount of food B.a special service

  C.a meal D.some calories

  28.According to the author,because of an unhealthy food preference,the increase in rates of being overweight was almost ______ during the ten years from 1988 to 1998.

  A.10 per cent B.20 per cent

  C.30 per cent D.40 per cent

  29.According to the passage,an obese child is

  A.less at risk of heart diseases

  B.healthily fat

  C.very had to get along with

  D.more likely to become an obese adult

  30.In order to avoid future increases in rates of overweight and obesity,we need to do all the following EXCEPT ______

  A.make an effort to forget our food association

  B.eat less high—fat food

  C.do more exercise to consume excess calories

  D.eat less food

  Passage Three

  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage

  Labor force is defined as being the total number of people who are available to work abd earb income.This definition includes everyone who is employed or seeking paid employment,so it includes employers and the self-employed.Labor is one of the country‘s resources which can be combined with other resources to produce the goods and services wanted by the community.

  Although the size of the workforce depends a great deal on the size of the total population,there are several other influences which also affect it.The age distribution of the total population has a very marked effect on the available workforce.if the population has a high proportion of very young people or of those too old to work,then the available workforce would be lower than if there were an evenly spread age distribution.If the population naturally grows rapidly,i.e. the number of births greatly exceeds the number of deaths then as a total population increases proportion the work-force declines.

  Sometimes a population is described as aging which means that the birth rate is either falling or growing very slowly,and as people retire from the workforce there are insufficient numbers of young people entering it to replace those who are leaving it.The population is top-heavy(头重脚轻)with older people.So the percentage of the population in the workforce declines when there is either a rapid increase in births or a falling birth rate.

  The age distribution of the population has several important effects on the economy.If the population is aging and there is an increase in the number of people retiring without a corresponding increase in the number entering the workforce,this raises the problem of the ability of the economy to provide a reasonable level of social services to the retired group.If the aged are to be cared for in special homes,finance must be available for that purpose.If the size of the workforce is small relative to the total population,then the government tax revenue is relatively low and either the government has less money available to it or the workforce members have to be taxed more heavily.

  31.Labor force is referred to as ______

  A.people who are available to work and earn income

  B.self—employed people only

  C.only those who are looking for an employment

  D.only the employers

  32.According to the passage,which of the following factors is NOT mentioned as an influence on the workforce?

  A.The size of the population.

  B.The age distribution of the population.

  C.The national economy.

  D.The number of births and deaths.

  33.The conclusion which can be drawm safely from the second paragraph is that ______

  A.a population growth from natural increase leads to a greater proportion of the workforce.

  B.a large population does not necessarily mean a higher proportion of workforce

  C.the larger the number of the aged in a population,the higher the proportion of the workforce

  D.if the population has an evenly spread age distribution,the workforce will be lower

  34.When a population is said to be aging,______

  A.there are more people retiring than those entering the workforce

  B.the birth rate must be growing

  C.there should be an oversupply of workforce

  D.young people outnumber old people

  35.The population which is top-heavy with older people exerts pressure on ______

  A.the employers

  B.the self—employers

  C.the young people

  D.the economy of the country

  Part Two

  IV.word spelling(10 points,1 point for two items)











  45.天文台;了望台n. o______











  V.word Forms(10 points,1 point for each item)


  56.It‘s time something ______ (do)about the traffic problem downtown.

  57.For managers,every decision has constraints ______ (base)on policies,procedures and laws.

  58.Many a writer of newspaper articles ______ (turn)to writing novels during the past decade.

  59.There ______ (estimate)to be more than 20,000 overseas domestic servants working in Britain in 1995.

  60.As I‘ll be away for a year,I’d appreciate ______ (hear)from you now and then.

  61.The effect of rapid travel on the body is actually far ______ (disturb)than we realize.

  62.what developed was a music readily ______ (take)on various forms and capable of an almost limitless range of expression.

  63.Many other new techniques are available that enable more research ______ (do)in the test tube.

  64.______ (not, get)enough hands,she had great difficulty in accomplishing the task.

  65.A Filipino maid was executed is Singapore after ______ (convict)of murder.

  VI.Translation from Chinese into English(15 points,3 points for each item)







  VII.Translation from English into Chinese(15 pionts)


  In addition to the need for food,man also has need for some kind of protection from heat and cold,and from wind and rain.The first homes of man were very simple.The size and kind of buildings whicg he built were limited by his tecgnical knowledge and also by the kind of building materials (which were)available to him.Climate also had an important influence.In some places,man‘s home would be nothing more than a cave in the side of a hill,with a fire at the entrance to give light and warmth and to keep dangerous wild animals away.In warmer are areas primitive man could use branches to make a framework which he then covered with leaves.


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