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  I. Vocabulary and Structure (10 point, 1 point for each item)


  1. It offers us a fuller sense of being intensely alive from to moment.

  A. time

  B. moment

  C. period

  D. instant

  2. It may be worth remembering that John Major didnt himself go to Oxford, most of his ministers did.

  A. after

  B. since

  C. while

  D. if

  3. The effects of rapid travel the body are far more disturbing than we realize.

  A. on

  B. in

  C. for

  D. to

  4. Her powers of persuasion were no avail.

  A. for

  B. by

  C. with

  D. to

  5. There is little likelihood that a panel of five wants to go through the of all shaking hands with you.

  A. process

  B. prospect

  C. precedent

  D. presence

  6. It is the right to change employers which employment from slavery.

  A. distinguishes

  B. derives

  C. releases

  D. relieves

  7. It is touching to see how a cat or dog itself to a family and wants to share in all its goings and comings.

  A. sacrifices

  B. opposes

  C. exposes

  D. attaches

  8. A healthy self-esteem is a resource for coping when difficulties .

  A. rise

  B. raise

  C. arise

  D. arouse

  9. The challenge is not one of expansion , the rapid growth in enrollment over the last 40 years has come to an end.

  A. As a result

  B. By all means

  C. In contrast

  D. On the contrary

  10. Management often works hard to set up a situation work is done in series.

  A. that

  B. where

  C. which

  D. what

  II. Cloze Test (10 points, 1 point for each item)


  Maybe you know that the letter“V”stands for Victory in western countries. But do you know the 11 of the sign?

  During World War II, Europe was occupied by the Germans. A lot of people 12 to Britain. Among them was one Belgian (比利时人) 13 Victor Dalveli. He loved his country very much. And every day, he used shortwave radio to broadcast to the Belgian people, calling 14 them to resist the German occupies. On the last day of 1940, he asked his countrymen to write the 15“V”wherever they could to show their determination to win the final victory. In a few days, it appeared everywhere.

  16 , it spread to the other occupied countries in Europe. Because it was simple and 17 it soon became very popular. When friends met, they stretched out 18 middle and index fingers to greet each other.

  At that time, in certain restaurants, knives and forks were placed in such a way 19 form a“V”。 And in some clock shops clocks were purposely stopped 20 11:05 to show the sign of“V”。

  11. A. meaning

  B. shape

  C. history

  D. definition

  12. A. had escaped

  B. escaped

  C. have escaped

  D. escape

  13. A. naming

  B. being named

  C. named

  D. to name

  14. A. up

  B. out

  C. on

  D. off

  15. A. letter

  B. alphabet

  C. expression

  D. word

  16. A. Latter

  B. Later

  C. Late

  D. Lately

  17. A. meaningful

  B. energetic

  C. magnificent

  D. interesting

  18. A. his

  B. their

  C. ones

  D. everybodys

  19. A. in order to

  B. so as to

  C. so to

  D. as to

  20. A. on

  B. in

  C. by

  D. at

  III. Reading Comprehension (30 points, 2 points for each item)


  Passage One

  Questions 21 to 25 are based on the following passage.

  In reading the worlds great literature on human excellence and personal success, Ive found that to launch ourselves into a life of true success we need to satisfy one basic condition: pursue our vision with stubborn (顽强的) consistency. The biggest difference between people who succeed and those who dont is not usually talent but persistence.

  On my way to work one morning, I met Rudy Ruettiger, who is now a motivational speaker. He has grown up in Joliet, listening to stories about Notre Dame and dreaming of one day playing football there. Friends told him he wasnt a good enough student to be admitted. So he gave up his dream and went to work in a power plant.

  Then a friend was killed in an accident at work. Shocked, Rudy suddenly realized that life is too short not to pursue your dreams.

  In 1972, at the age of 23, he enrolled at Holy Cross Junior College in South Bend, Ind. He got good enough grades to transfer to Notre Dame, where he finally made the football team as a member of the“scout team”, the players who help the team prepare for games.

  Rudy was living his dream, almost. But he wasnt allowed to suit up for the games themselves. The next year, after Rudy requested it, the coach told Rudy he could put on his uniform for the seasons final game. And there he sat, on the Notre Dame bench during the game. A student started shouting,“We want Rudy!”Soon others joined in. Finally, at the age of 27, with 27 seconds left to play, Rudy Ruettiger was sent onto the field-and made the final tackle (阻截)。 So his team won the game.

  When I met Rudy 17 year later, it was in the parking lot outside Notre Dame stadium (体育场), where a camera crew was filming scenes for Rudy, a motion picture about his life. His story illustrates that there is no limit to where your dreams can take you.

  21. The writer believes that the key to achieving success is .

  A. developing ones talent

  B. seizing opportunities

  C. having wide vision

  D. sticking to ones goal

  22. According to the passage, Rudy once gave up his dream of playing football for Notre Dame because .

  A. his friend was killed there

  B. his foot was injured in an accident

  C. he lacked confidence in himself

  D. he failed in the entrance examination

  23. Rudy quit his job in the power plant because .

  A. his friend encouraged him to

  B. his outlook on life changed

  C. he was disappointed in his future

  D. he was shocked by his friends death

  24. Rudy was transferred to Notre Dame .

  A. as a good student

  B. as a good player

  C. with the help of a coach

  D. with the help of a friend

  25. A camera crew was making a movie about Rudys life because .

  A. Rudy was the oldest player at Notre Dame

  B. Rudy succeeded in realizing his dream

  C. Rudy was the best speaker at Notre Dame

  D. Rudy succeeded in developing his ability

  Passage Two

  Questions 26 to 30 are based on the following passage.

  NASA, the U.S. space agency, believes theres a good chance that were not alone in the universe. Last fall, NASA began a new project called the High Resolution Microwave Survey (HRMS)。 Its aim: to find evidence of life in one of the billions of galaxies in the universe.

  The search for intelligent life on other planets isnt new. It began almost 100 years ago. Thats when scientists built a huge transmitter to send radio waves into space. Scientists thought smart beings on other planets might pick up the signals.

  Scientists also have sent a message about humans and our solar system to a nearby constellation (星座)。 But because the constellation is 25,000 light years away, a return message wouldnt reach Earth for 50,000 years! So dont wait up for an answer.

  So far, no extraterrestrial (地球外的) beings that we know of have returned our“calls.”But according to Dr. Jill Tarter, an HRMS scientist, we havent exactly had our ears wide open.“Now, however,”says Dr. Tarter,“weve built the tools we need to listen well.”

  Last October, Dr. Tarter switched on the largest radio receiver in the world. Its an enormous metal bowl stretching 1,000 feet across a valley in Puerto Rico.

  Meanwhile, another NASA scientist turned on a huge radio receiver in Californias Mojave Desert. NASA hopes these big dishes-and others around the world-will pick up radio signals from new world.

  Dr. Frank Drake has been searching for life in outer space for years. He explains the HRMS project this way: To listen to your radio, you move the tuner on the dial until the channels come in loud and clear: Now imagine radio receivers that scan our galaxy“listening”to 14 million channels every second. Thats what NASAs radio receivers in Puerto Rico and California are doing.

  But thats not all. Powerful computers hooked to the receivers examine every signal carefully. The computers try to match the signals to ones that scientists already recognize, such as human-made signals. If they cant, Drake and Tarter check on them.“It could prove there is radio technology elsewhere in the universe,”says Dr. Tarter.“And that would mean were not alone.”26、NASA scientists started a new project in order to _______.

  A、discover life in other galaxies

  B、send human beings into space

  C、find evidence of a new galaxy

  D、confirm the number of galaxies

  27、According to Dr.Jill Tarter ,the reason why we havent received any return any return messages from outer space is that_______.

  A、our ears are not sharp enough to hear them

  B、our equipment hasnt been good enough

  C、it takes millions of yuars for them to reach us

  D、it takes quite a long time to send them

  28、Dr.Jill Tarter compares the large receiver to _______.

  A、the human ear

  B、the universe

  C、a metal bowl

  D、a huge dish

  29、According to Dr.Frank Drake ,NASAs radio receivers in Puerto Rico and California are _______.

  A、trying to check on every channel carefully

  B、moving the tuner on the dial for clear channels

  C、scanning the universe for possible signals

  D、picking up radio signals from new world

  30、The best title of this passage is ________.

  A、Signals from the Space

  B、The Invention of New Radio Receivers

  C、The Intelligent Life in Outer Space

  D、NASA Listens for Space Neighbors

  Passage Three

  Questions 31 to 35 are based on the following passage.

  Even a careful motorist(开汽车的人) may commit a motoring offence (违法)。In this case, he will appear in a police court .This is a court ruled by a judge without a jury (陪审团)。A judge has powers to pass sentence for relatively minor offences only ;serious charges are dealt with by a judge and a jury.

  In certain cases, a motoring offender may choose to go before a judge and a jury ,instead of appearing before just a judge .A court is also used for the conduct of preliminary investigations to dedermine whether or not a motoring offender shall appear for trial in a higher court.

  When his case comes up in court ,the motorist hears his name called by the clerk of the court, and comes forward to identify himself.The judge then calls for the policeman who charged the offender and asks him to give evidence.

  He is expected to ive an account of what happened when the offence was committed and to mention any special circumstances.For example the offence may have been partly due to the foolishness of another motorist.It would be unwise for the motoring offender to exaggerate this.It will not help his case to try to blame someone else for his own mistake.

  If you are guilty ,it is of course wise to admit it and say youre sorry for committing the offence and taking up the courts time .Judges are not heartless and a motorist may be lucky enough to hear one say:“Youve got good reasons ,but you have broken the law and Ill have to impose a fine .Pay five pounds.Next case.”

  Some short-tempered people forget that both policemen and judges have a public duty to perform,and aren rude to them. This does not pay! A judge will not let off an offender merely because he is respectful,but a polite law-breaker may certainly hope that the judge will extend him what tolerance the law permits.

  31、Even a careful motorist may be asked to go to a police court for______.

  A、an injury

  B、a motoring offence

  C、refusing to pay a fine

  D、being rude to the policeman

  32、The underlined word“one”(paragraph 5) refers to _____.

  A、a jury member

  B、a police officer

  C、a motorist

  D、a judge

  33、A motoring offender is usually charged by ______.

  A、a judge

  B、a jury

  C、a policeman

  D、another motorist

  34、It is foolish for a motoring offender to _______.

  A、overstate another motorists mistake

  B、mention someone elses foolishness

  C、argue that he is not guilty

  D、choose to go before a jury

  35、If a man knows that he is guilty, he should ______.

  A、be polite to the policeman and the judge

  B、try his best to appear before just a judge

  C、save the courts time and pay the fine

  D、admit the wrong and say sorry to the court


  Ⅳ。Word Spelling(10 points,1point for two items)

  36.乐意地,容易地ad. r_______

  37.日常工作,常规n. r______

  38.多数,大半n. m_______

  39.永恒的,不断的a. c______

  40.偏袒的,部分的a. p_______

  41.漆工,画家n. p______

  42.跳跃,飞跃v. l______

  43.易管理的a. m_______

  44.缩短,减少vi. S______

  45.软毛,毛皮n. f_______

  46.意图,打算n. I_______

  47.情形,身份n. s________

  48.软管,地铁n. t________

  49.口头的,口的a. o_______

  50.牺牲品,受害者n. v_______

  51.鉴赏,感谢vt. a_______

  52.目标,球门n. g______

  53.装置,方法n. d_______

  54.分配,委派vt. a______

  55.娱乐,消遣n. a______

  Ⅴ。Word Form

  56. Should doctors be allowed_________(take) the lives of others?

  57. Two of _________(big) earthquakes that were ever recorded tood place in China and Alaska.

  58. Electronic amplifiers also made possible a fantastic in volume ,the music ______(become) as loud and penetrating as the human ear could stand.

  59. Every decision has constraints _______(base ) on policies, procedures ,laws, precedents ,and the like.

  60. The more seriously this is sought ,________(likely ) positive attitudes towards leisure as well academic work will be encouraged.

  61. Attempts to break up this old system _______(make ) in every presidential election in the past one hundred years.

  62.These mine planets ,together with the sun ,make up what _______(call) our solar system.

  63. Nations are classified as“aged”when they have 7% or more of their people aged 65 or above ,and by about 1970 every one of the advanced countries______(become) like this.

  64. -(watch)over by guards with guns, the convicts raised their legs in unison and made their way to the edge of the highway.

  65.Either of these factors could account for some individuals -(be) able to do well using inefficient methods.








  When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be extremely difficult to let go of your anger. But forgiveness is possible - and it can be surprisingly helpful to your physical and mental health. Indeed, research has shown that people who forgive report more energy, better appetite and better sleep patterns.

  So when someone has hurt you, calm yourself. Talk a couple of deep breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: a beautiful scene in nature, someone you love. Dont wait for an apology(道歉)。Keep in mind that forgiveness does not necessarily mean accepting the action of the person who upset you. Try to see thing from the other persons perspective. You may realize that he or she was acting out of ignorance, fear—even love. You may want to write a letter to yourself from that persons point of view.



  ⅰ、vocabulary and structure(10 points for each item)

  1、B 2、C 3、A 4、D 5、A 6、A 7、D 8、C 9、D 10、B

  ⅱ、cloze test (10 points, 1 points for each item)

  11、C 12、B 13、C 14、C 15、A 16、B 17、A 18、B 19、D 20、D

  ⅲ、reading comprehension (30 points,2 points for each item)

  21、D 22、C 23、B 24、A 25、B 26、A 27、B 28、A 29、C 30、D 31、B 32、D 33、C 34、A 35、D

  ⅳ、word spelling (10 point, 1 point for two items)


  36、readily 37、routine 38、majority 39、constant 40、partial 41、painter 42、leap 43、manageable 44、shorten 45、fur

  46、intention 47、status 48、tube 49、oral 50、victim 51、appreciate 52、goal 53、device 54、assign 55、amusement

  ⅴ、word form (10 points, 1 point for each item)


  56、to take 57、the biggest 58、becoming 59、based 60、the more likely 61、have been made 62、is called 63、had become 64、watched 65、being

  ⅵ、translation from Chinese into English (15 points, 3 points for each item)







  66、I wonder if he can provide positive proof.

  67、What he said was totally opposed to the facts.

  68、If he is compelled to do what he does not enjoy doing, he cannot be happy.

  69、The government department that deals with this does not keep statistics.

  70、The shortage do not exist to the extent that you report.

  ⅶ、Translation from English into Chinese(15 points)















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